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The Jocks Are Going To Save The Republic, One Defiant Grin At A Time

Women will want them; androgynous gender studies majors will want to be them.


Footage went viral on Tuesday of 12-year-old Jaiden Rodriguez of Colorado Springs defying a catty school administrator’s orders to remove a backpack with a Gadsden Flag patch or be barred from going back to class. Jaiden, sporting a button-down shirt beneath his camouflage backpack, a sharp haircut, and a defiant smirk, can be seen patiently listening to his mom shut down the administrator’s contrived excuses.

The contrast between the petty administrator and the middle-schooler couldn’t be more stark. One represents a class of power-hungry HOA president types whose greatest joy in the world is to use the government to make you do what they want you to, often because no one else in their lives will listen to them. These are the type of people who would track you down in the grocery store during the era of Covid mandates and shame you for not strapping toxic paper cancer receptacles to your face. They are the Fani Willises of the world, begging to be relevant and happy to bring the republic down in order to fulfill their girlboss fantasies. They might have an autistic teenager arrested because they get their feelings hurt. They would definitely livestream their reluctant child’s transgender “journey” for likes.

The other represents the people who not only reject these self-appointed microaggression police, but smile confidently while doing it. They may even smile in the mugshots they have to take when the first class of people inevitably come after them. They will fight the regime with mockery, self-confidence, and, above all, the fact that they really don’t care what those people say they’re supposed to think or say or do. This, obviously, drives the first group of people crazy.

The second group includes guys like Marcus Schroeder, another respectful, clean-cut young man who smiled in the faces of his bureaucratic bullies. Schroeder was arrested for publicly reading scripture in protest of a drag queen event for children (yes, you read that right). Instead of drooling out a shame-induced apology, he responded by showing up to a city council meeting and defiantly preaching the Gospel.

Of course, the categories aren’t always neatly broken down by sex. But, as you might have noticed, there’s a large population of intolerable women running the asylum. (If you’re wondering why, read this book.) Women are overwhelmingly overrepresented in HR, administrative services, education, community services, and social work, sectors with higher rates of petty rules to enforce. As you also may have noticed, men — especially young ones — have a greater tendency to challenge those rules.

Consider how men reacted to the horrible Covid theater rituals compared to women. “A previous meta-analysis concluded that women were 50% more likely than men to engage in nonpharmaceutical protective behaviors (e.g., mask-wearing) during epidemics and pandemics, and in the COVID-19 pandemic, women report wearing masks more often than men,” according to a 2020 study published by the National Institutes of Health. Another study, sampled from eight major Western countries, found that “women were more likely to agree” to levy draconian policing measures like “closing schools,” “using cellular phones to trace people’s movements,” and “prohibiting meetings of two or more people” on their neighbors, as well as even forcing Covid-infected people into “quarantine away from home,” whatever kind of government prison that’s a euphemism for.

Dudes are leaning more conservative, too. According to the federal Monitor The Future survey, 12th-grade boys “are nearly twice as likely to identify as conservative versus liberal.” Among senior girls, the trend was the opposite.

Image CreditThe Hill
Image CreditThe Hill

Why are young boys being turned off by left-wing ideology? Could it be they’re sick of being told that their masculinity is oppressive and evil, that women run the world, and that the best boys are actually girls? Are they maybe getting sick of having their thoughts and actions dictated by babysitters in middle management?

In a world run by left-wing backpack patch police, the boys get a rough shake. Everything is their fault, and the prototype they’re supposed to follow is somewhere between Chasten Buttigieg and Dylan Mulvaney. Contrast that to the varsity paradise that New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg is worried about Chris Rufo bringing to a college near you:

The end of gender studies and the special treatment given to incoming athletes are part of the same project, masculinizing a place that had been heavily feminist, artsy and queer.

“Gender Studies Is Out, Jocks Are In,” declared the headline about the New College of Florida. Quelle horreur!

Even though the left-leaning co-eds feign disgust at such displays of testosterone, a lot of them might not hate having fit, tanned, masculine men around campus. Just ask TikToker @ms_petch, who bemoaned how “As a liberal woman, it is really hard to find a man who’s willing to play the more traditional masculine role in the relationship in today’s day and age who is not a conservative.”

Women want them; androgynous gender studies majors want to be them.

This class of jocks — or chads, as my younger brother has informed me they’re called these days — are the antidote to the ills feminism hath wrought. They understand whose opinions matter and whose disapproval should be worn as a badge of pride. The talent of being confidently unbothered by the woke scolds — and even daring to be so with defiant swagger — is kryptonite to the people who want nothing more than to bother you.

Of course, we need gutsy women too (like Jaiden’s mom!) to fight back against the tinpot teachers union totalitarians. But in a society that’s been bottomed out by domineering feminists and cowardly men, the boys and their air of cheery defiance are uniquely positioned to help save us.

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