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Democrats Aren’t ‘Interfering’ In 2024 Election With Trump Trial, They’re Blatantly Rigging It

The judge in Trump’s Jan. 6 case didn’t just pick a March 4 trial date at random. The aim is to get Trump off the ballot.


News broke Monday that U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, the judge overseeing the Jan. 6-related case against Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., set a March 4, 2024, trial date for the former president.

It just so happens that March 4 is the day before Super Tuesday, when more than a dozen states, from California to Texas to Virginia, will hold Republican primary elections. What a coincidence!

What this means is that Trump, the Republican front-runner by a wide margin, will not be able to campaign ahead of the most important date on the GOP primary calendar. It also means he’ll likely be tied up in court a week later on March 12, when four more states hold primary elections.

But this isn’t merely election “interference,” it’s a naked attempt to rig the 2024 election. The timing here is important, because not only will Trump be pulled off the campaign trail at a crucial time, he will almost certainly be convicted over the summer. After all, the jury in this case will be drawn from a pool that voted 92 percent for Joe Biden. No matter how outlandish and unconstitutional the charges are, no matter how utterly politicized the process is, a D.C. jury is going to convict Trump.

A summer 2024 conviction sets up the real play here, which is for blue states and counties to remove Trump from the ballot, citing a faulty and blatantly lawless reading of the 14th Amendment. Assuming Trump wins the GOP primary, this will leave Republicans with no candidate on the ballot across vast swaths of the country heading into the fall. Even if the Supreme Court steps in, if Democrats time it just right it will be too late to send out corrected, lawful ballots in time for Election Day. 

Whatever one thinks of Trump’s post-2020 election challenges — whether they were legitimate, delusional, or downright treasonous — they were nothing compared to what Democrats are trying to pull here.

Consider the timeline alone. How on earth could a case involving millions of documents and hundreds of witnesses be ready for trial by March? And how does Trump already have a trial date set in his Jan. 6-related case when dozens of other Jan. 6 defendants have been rotting away in federal prison for years now?

One lawyer for Jan. 6 defendants explained on Twitter that he had a “relatively simple” Jan. 6 case that was indicted in late March in D.C., and at a recent status hearing dates were discussed for a trial in March or April 2024: “So I get a year between indictment and trial in a one-defendant relatively straight-forward J6 case. And Trump gets 8 months in a case with 12 million pages of discovery and well over 100 witnesses.”

The whole thing is a naked abuse of power — a violation of Trump’s Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel, to say nothing of his free speech rights, which DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith is trying to criminalize

The Obama-appointed Judge Chutkan, who has a penchant for handing down harsher sentences for Jan. 6 cases than what federal prosecutors recommended, has already betrayed her politically motivated bias in this case. Her claim that Trump would get “no more or less deference than any other defendant” is contradicted by her observation that because Trump has “considerable resources” he is “not entitled to unlimited preparation time.”

In other words, because Trump is wealthy, and because the political calendar dictates that Democrats move their election-rigging scheme along quickly, Trump’s trial is getting fast-tracked. There’s no other explanation for why this trial date is being set so soon after the indictment, and why March 4 was chosen as the specific date.

As John Hasson noted on Twitter, two separate courts have now attempted to set March 4 as Trump’s trial date. In Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis tried to set Trump’s trial date for March 4, but Republican Gov. Brian Kemp shut it down. Now Judge Chutkan has done the same. There’s a reason it keeps coming up, and it has nothing to do with justice or a fair trial.

What we’re seeing here is the machinery of the Biden regime’s show trials at work. Remember, the point of a show trial is not to deliver justice, it’s to display power.

Everything about this process — the farcical indictments, the release of the mugshot, the timing of the trial — is designed to convey to ordinary Americans that one side, the left, has consolidated control over the most powerful institutions in our country, and resistance to their rule will be met with overwhelming force.

Democrats are not trying to hide any of this from you. They want you to see this display of power and understand what it means, which is this: You will not under any circumstances be allowed to vote for Donald Trump in 2024. So don’t even think about it — and don’t complain about it either, or you might end up just like him.

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