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Tucker And Fox News’ Failure To Press GOP Presidential Candidates On Covid Tyranny Is A Disservice To Its Many Victims


Communities across America are still grappling with the repercussions of authoritarian Covid policies. So, why didn’t Tucker Carlson or Fox News hosts Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum ask any of the 2024 GOP presidential primary candidates a single meaningful question on the topic?

During his sit-down interview with Donald Trump, Carlson never once pressed the former president over his handling of the federal government’s Covid response, including Trump’s defense of lockdowns and elevation of figures such as Anthony Fauci. Nor did Carlson — who has previously used his platform to ask questions about the safety and efficacy of the risky Covid shots — press Trump on his continued promotion of the jabs and claims they saved 100 million lives.

Baier and MacCallum similarly neglected to ask any of the participating GOP presidential candidates during Wednesday’s debate about the tyrannical abuse of government and corporate power to squash Americans’ liberties under the guise of Covid “safety.” The only question asked that was semi-relevant to the subject included one posed to former Vice President Mike Pence by MaCallum, who asked if the Covid lockdowns under the Trump administration contributed to rising crime in American cities.

Unsurprisingly, Pence avoided answering the question and instead pivoted to the 2017 “Trump-Pence tax cuts.” Neither Fox host posed further questions about any aspect of Covid fascism to the attending candidates.

The only candidate in either forum to speak to the devastating effects of the Covid mandates was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who on two separate occasions noted the damage lockdowns had on the U.S. economy and how closing schools harmed America’s children.

America Needs A Covid Reckoning

The fact that there were no meaningful questions asked about Covid fascism during Wednesday’s debate or the Trump interview isn’t just appalling; it’s an incredible disservice to the people who were forced to endure it.

People’s lives were completely upended because of the destructive response our government officials orchestrated in the name of “science.” Ineffective lockdowns prompted hundreds of thousands of small businesses to permanently close up shop and left millions of Americans unemployed. Useless mask mandates were implemented by governments and businesses alike, restricting users’ breathing while those telling Americans to “mask up” violated their own guidance. Children — who are the least at-risk when it comes to Covid mortality — were kept out of school for months, leading to learning loss and a decline in social skills.

Worst of all was the despotic attempts by government and corporate entities to force Americans into getting an experimental shot in order to participate in public life. In September 2021 — a month after Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky admitted during a CNN interview the jabs don’t stop the spread of Covid — President Joe Biden issued an illegal order mandating private businesses with 100 or more employees force their workers to get the injection. Cities like San Francisco and New York City took Covid fascism a step further, instituting medical segregation in their cities to prevent the unvaccinated from entering public venues.

And who could forget the role of health care providers in denying potential early treatments to Covid patients and barring unvaccinated individuals from undergoing life-saving organ transplants?

This is the reality millions of Americans endured for years and that many still grapple with today. There is no question there must be a nationwide reckoning for the atrocities levied on this country in the name of Covid. The individuals responsible for enacting it on the American public must be forced to answer for their lies and actions.

If not, then these same actors won’t hesitate to do it again and again until there’s nothing left of the American experiment.

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