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If Republicans Want To Keep Their House Majority, They Must Impeach Joe Biden


As more damning evidence emerges implicating Joe Biden in an alleged $10 million international bribery scheme, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has started floating the idea of impeaching the sitting president.

During his Monday appearance on Fox News, the California Republican said Biden has “used the weaponization of government to benefit his family and deny Congress the ability to have the oversight” and added that an impeachment inquiry would provide “Congress the strongest power to get the rest of the knowledge and information needed.” McCarthy reiterated similar sentiments on Tuesday, telling reporters an impeachment inquiry is “the only way” Congress can “get to the bottom of the truth.”

The predicate for impeaching Biden is certainly warranted. Not only does the FD-1023 form containing claims from a “highly credible” confidential human source (CHS) show how the then-vice president was instrumental in the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the energy company (Burisma Holdings) his son was a board member of; it also shows how the Bidens were purportedly paid $10 million for Joe’s role in the firing of said prosecutor.

Coupled with corroboration from IRS and FBI whistleblowers, former Biden family business partners, and even Joe and Hunter Biden, the scheme represents perhaps the biggest scandal involving a U.S. president in American history.

While McCarthy’s remarks have generated excitement among many prominent conservative figures, talking about impeachment and actually impeaching Biden are two very different things. Republicans deserve credit for using their House majority to shine a light on the Biden family’s shady, foreign business dealings. But the exposure of such corruption means absolutely nothing if Republicans don’t act on it.

Issuing statements and running to Fox News to discuss how corrupt the Bidens are is not going to cut it with Republican voters, and nor should it. Whether it was the Trump-Russia collusion hoax or the government-sponsored ransacking of civil liberties during the Covid lockdowns, the GOP has talked for years about “holding corrupt officials accountable,” only to then sit on their hands once given power.

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For example, in the seven months House Republicans have been in charge, who exactly has been “held accountable?”

Has Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faced consequences for leaving the U.S. southern border wide open? Has Attorney General Merrick Garland answered for weaponizing the Justice Department to target conservatives and protect Democrats like the Bidens? How about FBI Director Christopher Wray for his agency’s interference in the 2020 election and surveilling of Catholic parishes?

Nope. Not a single one.

Some Republicans may argue that impeachment is a political failure waiting to happen, given that a conviction by the Democrat-controlled Senate is highly unlikely. But that rationale didn’t stop House Democrats from impeaching former President Trump twice. And it wouldn’t stop them from going after any future Republican president, either.

Furthermore, impeaching Biden is more than just a trial. It’s about exposing the American people to the Biden family corruption that legacy media have worked so hard to hide and — equally as important — showing Democrats that Republicans are just as willing to fight political fire with political fire.

Republican politicians who earnestly believe the existing status quo — wherein agencies like the DOJ can target and crush everyday Americans with no recourse — can continue in its current form are kidding themselves. Without an effective and equally consequential response to their nefarious behavior, Democrats will not hesitate to further weaponize government processes and institutions against their political opponents unabated. Failure to mount any sort of political resistance to such egregiousness is both an act of cowardice and a death blow to what’s left of the American experiment.

Until Biden is actually impeached, McCarthy and House Republicans’ “We’re going to hold Biden accountable!” rhetoric is meaningless. The time for Republican statements of concern and outrage is over. If GOP House leadership has any interest in keeping their majority come 2024, they must impeach Joe Biden.

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