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CNBC Declares Top Destination States For American Movers The ‘Worst’ Places To Live And Work


CNBC published the website’s rankings of the top ten “best states” and “worst states” to live and work last week. It’s really just two separate lists of blue states versus red states put together for leftists (and probably by leftists) where the primary metrics include “inclusiveness” and “reproductive rights.”

The top ten states to live and work in, according to the political analysts at CNBC, include a collection of blue states in New England and the Pacific. In order of last to first, the states ranked were Connecticut, Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Jersey, Maine, and Vermont. Not one has gone red in a presidential election since Colorado voted for George W. Bush in 2004. Beyond that, every other state has remained solidly blue since 1988.

The states ranked “worst” by CNBC, on the other hand, are all in the south and rural Midwest. From last to first, CNBC vilified Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas as the worst places to work and live.

The website’s analysts didn’t even try to hide political biases manipulating their research. CNBC was explicit that rankings hinged upon “inclusive policies on discrimination and reproductive rights,” among other items such as crime and childcare.

A quick glance at where Americans moved in 2022, however, contradicts the alleged disdain for conservative governance portrayed by New Jersey-based CNBC. It turns out the bottom 10 states that CNBC ranked are such decrepit hellscapes that they also happened to be the top destinations for American movers. Recent polling also reveals the tides turning in the culture wars suggesting that CNBC’s bottom 10 are more in tune with the concerns of the American people.

According to Forbes rankings based on change-of-address data from the Postal Service, Texas, Florida, and South Carolina all round out the top three destination states.

The top ten states for American movers also include Tennessee at number six.

The ten states Americans are fleeing, on the other hand, include three of the states CNBC listed as the best places to live. Massachusetts, Colorado, and Washington respectively ranked 5th, 6th, and 7th in the list of top ten states that residents left.

Americans who want to live in states that don’t exploit government levers to confiscate their children, meanwhile, ought to avoid places that CNBC ranked high on “inclusiveness.”

Laws to empower minors seeking permanent procedures for attempts to manipulate their gender have become the latest trend in transgender activism. In April, Washington state lawmakers introduced a bill allowing transgender medical interventions to be conducted on minors without parental consent. Similar legislation was proposed by Democrats in Oregon, who also want to circumvent parents in allowing minors to seek abortion.

Showcasing the far-left radicalism presented by government leaders in Oregon, state adoption officials barred a parent from welcoming home a child in need over her Christian faith.

Oregon, however, was ranked the 6th best place to live and work based on the state’s “inclusiveness.”

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