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Top 3 Things Tucker Carlson Says The Regime Doesn’t Want You Talking About

Look for the ‘wrongthink.’


“If you want to know what really, really matters, to [the regime], and to you, and to the future of the country, consider the things that you are not allowed to say,” Tucker Carlson told his audience of young people during a Turning Point USA speech on the heels of his interviews with Republican primary candidates in Iowa.

These unsayable things, Carlson said, are easy to pinpoint because wrongthink seems to be the only “crime” that’s consistently and seriously penalized in contemporary America. Rapists and murderers go unprosecuted in American blue cities. “[B]urning down buildings, impoverishing people, starting totally counterproductive wars we can’t win that kill a lot of our citizens, [and] leaving the border open so 7 million people can walk across” are “never punished.” 

So what are the three topics Carlson says have been deemed forbidden speech by the media, White House, and virtually every member of the American gentry class? “One of them’s the war in Ukraine, another’s Covid, and, of course, the third is Jan. 6.” 

War in Ukraine 

Every uniparty politician, corporate media outlet, and mega-corporation insists that if you don’t “hate” Russia and support America funneling billions of dollars to defend a nation ruled by a corrupt, oligarchical government, you must love Vladimir Putin and oppose “democracy.” 

“It’s not a criminal act not to hate somebody,” Carlson said. He pointed out that the number of Americans murdered by Russians is in the “range” of “zero.” Meanwhile, more than 100,000 Americans die every year at the hands of Mexican cartels and the drugs they smuggle into our country. Yet the media and our government want us to be more preoccupied with a foreign war than the deaths of American citizens here at home. 

Carlson explained that so far, America has utterly failed to be a leader in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, encouraging the war instead of facilitating peace. “If you’re the leader, the last thing you do is sow more chaos,” Carlson said. Yet the White House “with the full participation of the Republican Party” has fueled and prolonged a bloody war — and you had better not question it.

“Foreign policy is the one big thing” that’s not subject to “voter control,” Carlson said. Americans have a right to weigh in on things like the war in Ukraine and tell the federal government: “This is my country and you’re doing this in my name, with my money, and potentially my children.” 

Washington, however, doesn’t believe in “the public [signing] off on wars … and that’s exactly why they like it,” Carlson added. If you try to question Washington’s lucrative wars, you’re told to “shut up.” And you, “an American citizen who loves your country [and] whose ancestors fought to defend it,” are accused of disloyalty by people who don’t care about America at all.


During and following the years of Covid tyranny, Big Tech companies (often at the behest of the federal government) censored anyone, including doctors and sitting members of Congress, who discussed the numerous civil liberties violations, the highly plausible lab-leak theory, the devastation of lockdowns, failed vaccines, the inefficacy of cloth masks, and vaccine injuries. 

“Every organization in American life … from your government, to the entire media, [and] in some cases, your church,” told Americans that if you want to be a “good person” you’ll follow the Covid rules, Carlson said. In the case of the Covid shots, you had to pipe down and take it — without really knowing what was in it or what the long-term outlook would be.

Now we know the staggering number of people who appear to be vaccine injured, as Carlson pointed out. Yet the powers that be continue to gaslight the public anytime someone tries to discuss adverse reactions to any of the Covid shots.

“This [was] a moral test, and if you want[ed] to pass, you obey[ed],” said Carlson, adding that those who stood against Covid authoritarianism were persecuted and labeled societal “outlaws.” 

Jan. 6 

Carlson recalled how shortly after Jan. 6, 2021, people began claiming the demonstration was a“racist insurrection.” At the time, Carlson pointed out it neither had anything to do with race nor involved “armed people try[ing] to overthrow the government,” but he was told, yet again, to “shut up.” He even found himself labeled a “racist insurrectionist.” 

The people who protested on Jan. 6, were, in Carlson’s words, “grandmas with diabetes and a lot of debt.” Why were these everyday Americans so angry? Well, the American gentry class refused to allow the country to talk honestly about why a massive swath of the populace was so enraged that they took a “bus from Tennessee to go jump up and down in front of the Capitol.” 

We were never allowed to consider how “Biden won by 81 million votes — 15 million more than Barack Obama, which seems like a lot considering [Biden] didn’t campaign and he can’t talk.” We also weren’t allowed to consider whether electronic voting machines or unmonitored ballot drop boxes were compromised, Carlson added. Those who tried to raise concerns about the 2020 election, which sparked Jan. 6, were “deplatformed,” “debanked,” “bankrupted,” “fired,” and essentially “hounded out of public life in America.”  

Thought Criminals Are Our ‘North Star’

Carlson warned of distractions in the news cycle. While we must push back against things like radical transgender theory, stories related to that and other hot-topic issues can also be used by the left to manipulate our priorities, he said. “I don’t think there’s a single Democratic member of Congress who cares at all about trans rights,” Carlson explained, theorizing that many of these daily news stories are “designed to take people like me and send us off into a screaming fit.” 

Instead, “look around and ask … what are the topics that no one’s even pushing back on?” If you are really interested in truth-seeking and you want to locate “the North Star” in confusing, disordered, post-industrial America, then you need to look for the “thought criminals.” 

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