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President Joe Biden’s Border ‘Compassion’ Got Us Funerals And Fentanyl

illegal border crossers on the Rio Grande
Image CreditCBP/Flickr

The White House pretends it isn’t responsible for the tragedies stemming from the U.S. border, but migrants and Americans know better.


Border Patrol agents in Texas recovered the bodies of four migrants, including a baby, who drowned attempting to illegally cross the Rio Grande last weekend — but could not verify their identities because none of the river’s victims carried documentation.

“The identities of the deceased remain unknown since none possessed identifying documents,” a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman confirmed on Twitter on Monday.

Democrats repeatedly call for “compassion” at the border. But how compassionate is it that a baby, a woman who was presumably the baby’s mother, and two other people who were sold the promise of an easier journey and better life in the U.S. under President Joe Biden’s open border policies won’t get a funeral by their loved ones because they were told by taxpayer-funded organizations to lose their identification?

All for ‘Asylum’

Migrants often find the solace and work they seek in South and Central American countries other than their native nations. There, they are handed IDs and other documents that grant them benefits from those countries.

It’s not uncommon for migrants sneaking into the U.S. to dump this foreign documentation in “ID graveyards” right before they encounter Border Patrol. Ridding themselves of non-native identification enhances illegal border crossers’ chances of claiming asylum and staying in the U.S. until their immigration court dates, some of which are more than a decade away.

United Nations grantees use Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars to incentivize illegal border crossers to undertake the grave dangers of stealing into the U.S. with prepaid debit cards, bill-laden wallets, and the promise of bank transfers. Migrants are also encouraged to ditch identification like passports, birth certificates, plane tickets, and other paperwork to better their chances of claiming asylum.

Reports suggest that border agents, similarly, aided migrants’ asylum cases. Migrants and advocacy groups have claimed border agents not only instructed illegal border crossers to “drop everything and get in line” for processing but also “ripped up [migrants’] Mexican immigration visas and other documents.”

Asylum was designed to be a narrow category that grants people persecuted for their race, religion, nationality, or political opinions an opportunity to work and live in the United States. Under Biden, it has turned into a “get into the U.S. free” card for countless foreign nationals seeking taxpayer-funded handouts and higher-paying jobs.

Under the guise of enacting tougher protocols for the surge of people illegally pouring into the country, the Biden administration has turned to lax parole programs and border apps that only encourage the same overwhelming influx as asylum.

Law enforcement agencies are already under explicit instructions from the Biden White House to avoid arresting most illegal border crossers. The possibility that even those who are caught by Border Patrol will be released into the U.S. with relatively zero tracking or accountability only goes up if agents don’t know who a migrant is or where he came from.

If accused murderers and potential terrorists are allowed to roam American streets without scrutiny, migrants without documents will likely encounter no problems walking across the border.

A Deadly Disaster

The White House and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas pretend the Biden administration isn’t responsible for the tragedies stemming from the U.S. border, but Americans and even the migrants pouring into the country by the hundreds of thousands know better.

Biden’s border crisis is a deadly disaster that not only threatens the lives of migrants but has claimed the lives of Americans like 22-year-old Texas National Guardsman Bishop Evans, who drowned aiding illegal border crossers in 2022. It also actively enriches American adversaries like cartels, which have leveraged the catastrophe to fund their multibillion-dollar smuggling industry. Now more than ever, Americans’ mortality is threatened by the empowerment of the criminal organizations that do China’s bidding by trafficking fatal fentanyl all across the U.S.

It’s because of Biden’s open border policies that the U.S. is facing the worst illegal border crosser crisis it’s ever experienced, and Americans and migrants alike are dying.

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