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Support For Transgenderism Is Cratering


Support for gay marriage continues to climb steadily over time, according to Gallup survey data, while public support for transgenderism appears to be cratering.

A new Gallup poll out Monday reveals an overwhelming majority of Americans believe biological sex should define participation in athletic competition. Sixty-nine percent of the 1,011 adults surveyed between May 1-24 said athletes should only be allowed to compete on teams that match their birth gender, up from 62 percent just two years ago. Even 64 percent of participants who reported knowing a transgender person said sports leagues should be segregated based on sex.

Another 55 percent of Americans told Gallup that it is “morally wrong” for individuals to attempt a gender transition, up from 51 percent in 2021. While 7 in 10 Democrats thought otherwise, a majority of Democrats, 48 percent to 47 percent, still believe biological males should stay out of women’s sports and vice versa.

The swing against sports participation contrary to one’s biological sex was greatest among those who knew a person who identified as transgender. Sixty-four percent of survey respondents who know a transgender person oppose erasing gender in sports, marking a 9-point shift from 53 percent who said the same in 2021.

“People who know a transgender individual continue to be more accepting of pro-transgender policies than those who do not, but the relationship has weakened in the past two years,” Gallup reported. “As a result, Americans have become less favorable to transgender athlete participation in single-gender sports than they were in 2021, even as more people say they know a transgender person.”

The latest data from Gallup corroborates several surveys showing Americans overwhelmingly oppose trans-identified athletes competing on teams of the other sex.

In May, the Washington Post published the findings of a poll commissioned by the paper that revealed 57 percent of adults believe gender is determined at birth compared to 43 percent who said gender is malleable. The same survey found 6 in 10 do not want men on women’s sports teams.

“Most Americans support anti-trans policies favored by GOP, poll shows,” ran the Post’s headline.

The shift away from transgenderism comes as the pendulum swings in the culture wars toward conservatives’ favor. More Gallup data published last week reveals social conservatism at its highest level in over a decade.

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Major brands have begun to pull back on LGBT-catered advertising for “Pride Month” after successful boycotts of Target and Bud Light tanked corporate stocks. Online LGBT influencers complained to the Guardian about the decline in corporate pride revenue.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of my trans friends and colleagues, and we’ve all noticed less brands seeking partnerships and smaller budgets for Pride campaigns,” Rose Montoya said. “It’s disappointing.”

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