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Do Chip And Joanna Gaines Agree With Target’s Pro-Trans Satanist Stance?

Chip and Joanna Gaines
Image CreditVariety/YouTube

Reality TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are no strangers to media firestorms. From the time the “Fixer Upper” stars first graced HGTV to starting their own television network and building their own physical empire in Waco, Texas, they have endured public scrutiny and even personal attacks on their family, often for their Christian faith. Sadly, just because the critiques are par for the course of modern-day fame and fortune, that does not make them any less real or worth parsing out. Once again, Chip and Joanna have some explaining to do.

If a business partner is going to make you stupidly rich, then you should have to speak up and explain yourself when that business partner reveals itself to be all in on a movement that strips minors of their emotional and physical well-being, going as far as promoting chemical castration and genital mutilation.  

As major business partners of Target, it’s important to get some clarity on where the creators and figureheads of Target’s popular Magnolia Home line stand in the wake of Target’s “Bud Light situation.”

Do Chip and Joanna support Target’s manufacturing of “tuck-friendly” and “chest-binding” swimsuits for children? What about selling the “Bye Bye, Binary” board book with the tagline “Nobody puts baby in a pink or blue corner!”?

Do Chip and Joanna feel that their Christian faith is being mocked when their business partner sells merchandise designed by an outspoken Satanist, such as “Too queer for here” tote bags or “Cure transphobia” sweatshirts? What about shirts that feature naked women or “Not a phase” loungewear?

Do Chip and Joanna have any qualms about selling their pillows and home furnishings in the same store, let alone a few aisles over, from prominent #Pride displays marketed toward teens, kids, and families?

Would Chip and Joanna allow any of their five young children to wear these clothes or read these books?

When Buzzfeed “uncovered” something about the Gaines family in 2016 — that as Christians they believe what Christians have always believed about homosexuality — the left’s response was to show up with picket signs outside their “controversial” church where they worshipped. Will Christians or even non-Christians who want to protect their children’s innocence now show up with picket signs outside the Magnolia Home Target aisle or, at the very least, participate in the ongoing Target boycott? Will Chip and Joanna respond to the boycott like they did the Buzzfeed article — with a statement about how to “lovingly disagree”?

I think we all know the answer to all of these questions — but would welcome Chip and Joanna to prove us wrong.

This article has been updated.

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