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Daniel Penny Deserves A Medal, Not Jail Time

His legal torment is a brutal new form of reparations. He is from that most hated class of people in America: the white male.


Who can forget then-President Barack Obama’s plaintive love letter about Trayvon Martin, a teenage burglar killed during a struggle with neighborhood vigilante George Zimmerman in 2012? Obama said: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Well, 24-year-old Daniel Penny looks like he could be my future son-in-law. 

On May 12, almost two weeks after the decorated American Marine Daniel Penny heroically intervened to save strangers from imminent attack by a lunatic bent on hurting someone, the West Islip native was arrested, handcuffed, and perp-walked out of a Manhattan police precinct. He was released after posting $100,000 bail. I wrote about him here

Because the violent schizophrenic — or as The New York Times slobbered, “a gifted Michael Jackson impersonator who captivated commuters with his fluent moonwalking” — died following the incident, Penny stands accused of second-degree manslaughter. If the district attorney, left-wing fanatic Alvin Bragg, gets his way, Penny will get sent up the river and spend 15 years at Sing Sing. 

Meanwhile, our favorite Neiman Marxist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is enjoying a string of wins. She’s claimed one more scalp for her growing trophy collection. Bored of her vanity campaign to “tax the rich,” as her Met Gala gown declared last year, she’s taken up a new hobby: bringing men she doesn’t like to heel — under her $1,000 Christian Louboutin pumps.

Recall that Ocasio-Cortez recently went on TV to demand that Fox News remove its biggest star, Tucker Carlson, from the air. Just like magic, Fox canceled Tucker’s show a couple of days later. 

She’d already bagged the big elephant when Donald Trump himself was arrested by regime stooge and George Soros pet Bragg. Now, a week after she accused Penny of murder on her Twitter feed, she has a third scalp nailed to the wall of her office: one with Homeric blond curls. 

The Last American Chad

After Penny stoically emerged from the police precinct, upright, hands behind his back, wearing a trim, dark suit and black Vans low tops (he is a surfer, after all), wags like Jeremy Carl decreed he’d been convicted “of being a chad.” 

Compare him to Jordan Neely, the fellow whom our fake news industrial complex has been busy elevating to posthumous canonization. They have been broadcasting worshipful hagiographies of the dearly departed Neely around the clock.

They somehow haven’t done much reporting on the dark side of Saint Neely. Few mention his attempt at kidnapping a child. Or the fact that he was on the city’s list of the 50 most notorious homeless troublemakers. 

And only one story mentions his final portentous contact with city social workers, just a few weeks before his demise: “When outreach workers found him at an end-of-the-line station in Coney Island, Mr. Neely, wearing dirty clothes riddled with burn holes, exposed himself and urinated inside a subway car, according to the notes shared with The Times.”

Here’s what else case workers wrote in their notes about him that day: “Due to client’s aggressive behavior, he could be a harm to others or himself if left untreated and not assessed by a mental health professional.”

Somehow, despite this dire warning of impending violence, he was left untreated by the city that now claims to love him. None of the grieving family members popping up now to claim future civil damages bothered to show up then to assist their beloved Jordan.

Where are the Daniel Penny hagiographies? Because Penny is indeed a Chad. The last American Chad — at least, in New York City. He’s a decorated Marine who served two tours of duty. He is studying architecture. He’s traveled through South America. He is by all accounts an exemplary citizen and, yes, a hero. 

That’s why the system must take him down.

Suicide by Subway Car

I have a suggestion for Penny’s defense team, which as far as I know no one has discussed much. Based on what Neely was saying inside that subway car, it’s obvious he intended to commit a form of “suicide by cop.”

According to a law enforcement training website:

Suicide by cop (SBC) is a situation where individuals deliberately place themselves or others at grave risk in a manner that compels the use of deadly force by police officers. There are many known SBC-specific risk factors, warning signs, and triggers. Individuals who feel trapped, ashamed, hopeless, desperate, revengeful, or enraged and those who are seeking notoriety, assuring lethality, saving face, sending a message, or evading moral responsibility often attempt SBC. In the field of suicide prevention, SBC has received little attention.

The words Jordan Neely screamed to those subway passengers are the key to the case. They clearly show his intent and explain why Penny, a man with no criminal record, a perfect citizen, felt compelled to take whatever action he could to protect others. But good luck finding Neely’s rant included in any news story. They’ve been scrubbed from all the major newspapers. Even a Google search only turned up one source! 

Fortunately, we have it from an eyewitness who saw the whole thing. According to a fellow passenger, Neely said, “‘I don’t care. I’ll take a bullet, I’ll go to jail’ because he would kill people on the train,” she recalled. “He said, ‘I would kill a motherf-cker. I don’t care. I’ll take a bullet.’”

This witness later thanked Penny for taking action to protect her. 

The stories in the Times and elsewhere magically omit these clear and present threats of violence, and instead sanitize the rant like this: “He shouted to others on the train that he was hungry, that he didn’t care about returning to jail, that he was ready to die, witnesses said.” No mention of, you know, his stated desire to hurt or murder someone. They are not giving people the full picture of the alleged threat Neely posed, at least in that moment, to those people trapped on that F train car with him.

A Penny’s Worth of Reparations

Penny’s legal torment then becomes a brutal new form of reparations. He will feel the full force of the mob’s braying for blood — because he is from that most hated class of people in America: the white male. 

Another Times story included this call for reparations through justice by a city council member:

“Disparities in how people are treated by the criminal justice system, especially Black people and other people of color, are a reality that our city and this nation must acknowledge and confront,” said the City Council speaker, Adrienne Adams, in a Friday statement. “Systemic racism that robs us of our basic humanity in life and death should no longer be denied, after being on full display for the past 11 days.”

Black lives, it turns out, only matter if their deaths can be blamed on white lives.

Chad-like in the extreme, a man like Penny cannot be allowed to get away with committing the ultimate crime: a selfless act of courage against a beatified regime saint. 

Stay Brave

What can we do? First, refuse to cave to mealy-mouthed middle-ground seekers who think Penny probably did the right thing but should still be “held accountable.” Speak up among friends and family to defend Penny. And most importantly, donate to the Daniel Penny legal fund. As of this writing, it has over $2.4 million, thanks to a bold retweet by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Bravo for that!

The more money raised, the more Bragg and Assistant D.A. Joshua Steinglass realize they will be looking down the barrel of a yearslong round of appeals in case he is convicted, and a massive public outcry. Bury them in legal defense funding!

DeSantis is one of the few leaders on the right to stand up for Penny. His lawyers also need to demand the trial be moved out of Manhattan, where he absolutely, positively, cannot get a fair trial. Imagine getting a jury of your peers, but the juror pool is made up of Manhattan residents: Black Lives Matter activists, rainbow flag wavers, unhoused Michael Jackson impersonators, drag queen story readers, and a few childless cat ladies who still have “I’m With Her” pins on their NPR tote bags. 

Move it to West Islip, or to Nassau County in Long Island, or to upstate. Otherwise, it’s a show tribunal inside a kangaroo courthouse inside a banana republic. New York is going to put Penny on trial for all racism, everywhere. 

It will attempt to paint him as a white supremacist who hates poor black people and wants them dead. He will be forced to defend not just the worst few minutes of his life, but 250 years of American injustice.

Nikole Hannah-Jones will be put on the stand to testify about her 1619 Project and how we need to re-educate racists. 

Robin DiAngelo, the corporate anti-racism-for-hire lady with the terrible perm, will testify about why Penny simply looks like a racist, and therefore should be jailed so he can “do the work.”

The Penny trial will be a ludicrous struggle session in which the DAs — some of whom are just as unhinged as Neely, but slightly better fed — put sane people on trial.

Until we can find out what the hell is going on, do not subject yourself or the young men in your life to encounters with the “differently housed.” Avoid, as much as possible, public transportation, public spaces, and any other locales where indigent wards of the state are free to maraud and moonwalk and terrorize. 

These are the fruits of the feminization of our society: the spiritual castration of a country. Instead of hiring more bouncers to deal with the increase in belligerent drunks in the nightclub, they fired all the bouncers and sent in unarmed social workers to talk to the drunks about their childhood trauma and invite them to group therapy.

This is not only no country for brave men. It’s also no longer a country for normal people. 

I refuse to accept this. Free Daniel Penny!

Donate here: the Daniel Penny legal fund.

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