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Joe Biden Should Worry About His Own Kid Before He Comes Sniffing Yours

Joe Biden sniffs child’s head during photo op
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Joe Biden says parenting should be a state-led group effort, but the nation’s real parenting problem is right under his kid-sniffing nose.


In a Hillary Clinton “It Takes A Village” kind of way, President Joe Biden suggested on Monday that government school employees and everyone else in the U.S. should have as much say as you do in how your child is raised.

“There’s no such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children,” Biden said at the 2023 National and State Teachers of the Year celebration in the White House Rose Garden.

You heard that right. The same man who reportedly refused to meet, help, or even acknowledge the existence of one of his grandchildren, Hunter’s daughter who was born out of wedlock to a stripper, says his government has every right to lay claim to your kids.

If the last three years have shown us anything it’s that American parents don’t want any average Joe — especially one who promotes critical race theory and child mutilation — rearing their offspring.

Even less so do parents want a presidential Joe, who has a creepy obsession with inappropriately sniffing and touching women and children, to deem their children property of the state. Combine that with the fact that the dysfunctional Biden family puts the security and safety of the nation in jeopardy on a regular basis and you have a recipe for yet another Biden-induced crisis.

Where Joe found the audacity (perhaps in a box by his 1967 Corvette Stingray?) to assert ownership of American kids while his own son Hunter Biden remains a loose cannon is beyond many. Regardless, instead of making sweeping, Soviet-esque statements to please authoritarian teachers’ unions, the president should worry about his own family ties before seeking to sever yours.

Specifically, Joe should worry about himself and his scandal-plagued son Hunter, who both face a myriad of corruption investigations that are on the brink of blowing wide open.

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Long before the Biden family racket bubbled to the surface, Hunter was a wild child who desperately needed fatherly discipline. As a teen, he began using illicit substances, which eventually led to his discharge from the military. For years, Hunter’s reputation stemmed from his on-again, off-again cocaine and alcohol abuse.

Over the span of several decades, Hunter found himself repeatedly breaking drug laws, lying on federal firearm forms about that drug use, and being a source of general misconduct that would normally put any respectable Catholic family to shame.

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Instead of addressing his son’s humiliating and criminal history, Joe Biden joined the ranks of those who enabled Hunter. He did this by funding the aspiring artist’s trysts with Russia-linked escorts and releasing a coerced statement claiming to condone the relationship between Hunter and his late brother Beau Biden’s widow.

Even when Hunter’s issues escalated from personal problems to directly affecting the national security of the United States, the Biden family kept him close and declared his innocence.

When damning news about Biden family corruption recovered from Hunter’s laptop broke shortly before the 2020 election, Joe lied about Hunter’s overseas business dealings to cover his family’s butts and bank accounts. Instead of the Bidens coming clean, Joe’s then-campaign adviser Antony Blinken recruited a coalition of intelligence officials to smear the New York Post’s bombshell reporting as Russian disinformation.

In just the last few weeks, despite news that Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys in California and D.C. apparently blocked their offices from filing criminal tax charges against Hunter, Joe was spotted frolicking with Hunter at Camp David. On a recent presidential trip to Ireland, the president publicly recognized his son during a speech.

“I’m here with my sister Valerie and my younger son, Hunter Biden. Stand up guys, I’m proud of you,” Joe declared.

Joe has no right to claim control over your kids when he’s never expressed an interest in controlling his own. The president can tout Democrats’ state-led parenting propaganda as much as he wants, but none of that matters if he doesn’t address the nation’s real parenting problem right under his kid-sniffing nose.

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