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Shouldn’t ‘Transitioning’ Have Filled The Nashville Shooter With Joy And Happiness?


Less than a week after the Washington Post published a laughable survey purporting to show an overwhelming majority of people who “transition” away from their biological sex are filled with satisfaction, a transgender person showed just how exuberant her own transition process was by shooting up a Christian grade school.

Tragic doesn’t begin to cover it.

All indications are that 28-year-old Audrey Hale was more than a year into her “transition” living like a man — referring to herself as “Aiden” and using male pronouns — when she blew out the front doors of The Covenant School in Nashville this week, paced through the halls and eventually murdered three 9-year-old children and three adults.

It’s not true that all trannies are sadistic monsters anticipating their own shooting spree. But that a sadistic monster who went on a shooting spree also is a tranny should startle precisely no one. I know that we’re living in a moment where all of America’s culture influencers insist that transgenderism is nothing more than an expression of identity — one that we’re all expected to accommodate, mind you — but it’s not.

Plenty of adults do weird and kinky things in private. It’s a free country. But when those adults want their weird and kinky things embraced and celebrated by everyone else, that’s a problem. At minimum, it’s a perversion. At worst, it’s a violent episode waiting to happen.

Local police said the shooter was receiving ongoing medical care for an “emotional disorder.” She was almost 30, living at home, and her parents were weirded out by her having purchased a gun (which they said they thought she had sold when she had actually obtained several more).

Who is shocked? The mental turmoil experienced by transgender people is treated by their champions in the media as if it’s an unfair thing brought on them by everyone else. No, the mental turmoil is the issue at hand. And when a transgender person is given room to talk about it, everyone in earshot recoils in horror.

Feminist writer and transperson Andrea Long Chu described his lived experience in a 2018 op-ed for the New York Times. Gender dysphoria, he wrote, “feels like being unable to get warm, no matter how many layers you put on. It feels like hunger without appetite. It feels like getting on an airplane to fly home, only to realize mid-flight that this is it: You’re going to spend the rest of your life on an airplane. It feels like grieving. It feels like having nothing to grieve.”

He wrote that his transitioning process has thrown him deeper into psychological trauma. “I feel demonstrably worse since I started on hormones,” Long Chu said. “One reason is that, absent the levees of the closet, years of repressed longing for the girlhood I never had have flooded my consciousness. I am a marshland of regret. Another reason is that I take estrogen — effectively, delayed-release sadness, a little aquamarine pill that more or less guarantees a good weep within six to eight hours.” He added, “I was not suicidal before hormones. Now I often am.”

These are not the thoughts of a well and stable person. These are not the thoughts of a person who simply needs affirmation from everyone else.

Long Chu wrote in the op-ed that he would soon undergo surgery to have his penis made into a “vagina” and admitted that he didn’t expect it to make him happy. Still, he said he was entitled to have all of those feelings and desires, even if they were unhealthy. “I still want this, all of it,” he wrote. “I want the tears; I want the pain. Transition doesn’t have to make me happy for me to want it.”

That’s true. It’s also true that when the Nashville shooter’s found “manifesto” is made public by authorities, I don’t imagine it will read much differently than Chu’s op-ed.

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