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Searching For Tucker Carlson’s Bombshell J6 Videos? YouTube Censors Will Direct You To Fake Fact Checks Instead

Tucker Carlson search on YouTube
Image CreditYouTube

YouTube is trying to sideline Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s bombshell reporting on new footage from inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, by couching searches for his program’s recent segment with news alerts from corrupt corporate media outlets.

After reviewing more than 40,000 hours of unreleased video from Jan. 6, Carlson’s team found that Capitol police gave a guided tour to the infamous “Q-Anon Shaman”; that suspected undercover federal agent Ray Epps lied to Congress about his whereabouts on the afternoon of the chaos; and that the Capitol police officer Democrats claimed was murdered by protest participants was in seemingly good health and walking around the congressional complex that afternoon.

Searching the Google-owned platform for evidence of these newly uncovered truths, “Tucker Carlson,” or any variation of the host’s name combined with “January 6 Videos,” however, returns a blue “developing news alert” that tops the search result page. The alerts vary in article content but always offer users the opportunity to click their way to a corporate media website.

One alert for this particular news item suggests users read a CNN article titled “What to know about the Tucker Carlson January 6 footage” which questions the validity of the footage Carlson aired. The CNN write-up falsely accuses Carlson of trying to “downplay the violence” at the Capitol, and carries water for Democrats and the Jan. 6 Committee on topics such as the circumstances of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick’s death.

Another news alert offers to redirect users to a HuffPost article featured by Yahoo! News headlined “Hakeem Jeffries Sees No Sign Police Vetted Jan. 6 Footage McCarthy Gave Tucker Carlson.”

Using quotes from House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, the article seeks to sow doubt about Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to share the unseen footage with the Fox News host. The left-wing aggregation company also tries to indict Carlson by accusing him of spreading “conspiracy theories about Jan. 6” and criticizing him for condemning the fraudulent Jan. 6 Committee.

YouTube maintains that these alerts are designated to “elevate authoritative news sources” when a breaking event occurs. It’s unclear exactly which media outlets have curried enough favor with the Big Tech company to become featured above certain search results.

YouTube does, however, disclose on its website that sources for any of its news features are produced by a combination of “machine learning techniques” and handpicked selections from unnamed “third-party human evaluators” based on criteria such as “Reporting intent, or videos with journalistic context” and “Association with websites whose content surfaces in Google News.”

Both CNN and HuffPost are guilty of filling their coverage with lies and smears. Yet, both propaganda press outlets are boosted by YouTube because they are willing to disparage Carlson’s legitimate reporting on the Capitol riot.

News alerts may be a softer form of censorship than YouTube typically uses, but they are indicative that the company is still committed to censoring Democrats’ political enemies at whatever cost.

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