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Paris Hilton To Keep 20 Humans Frozen Until They Die Because She Wants A Girl

Hilton endorses the destruction of human life so long as that child is unwanted due to inconvenience or sex.


Brand new mom Paris Hilton doomed 20 of her sons to life, and eventual death, in a freezer after announcing she paid for the creation of yet more human embryos to fulfill her desire of having a girl.

In 2020, Hilton and her boyfriend, now-husband, Carter Reum decided to pay for in vitro fertilization using Hilton’s eggs, which she froze in her late 30s, to create embryos the couple could choose to implant at a later time.

Seven physically draining rounds of IVF later, Hilton and Reum successfully produced at least 20 sons in a lab. It’s possible the couple manufactured more than 20 little lives, but some of those were likely already destroyed. Like most in Big Fertility, Hilton’s assisted-reproduction staff likely used an outdated embryo grading practice that studies say has actually prevented multiple successful pregnancies.

Despite the bountiful results of their IVF process, the 42-year-old has no intention of giving her 20 tiny humans a chance at life outside of frozen orphanages, where they will sit indefinitely until they are discarded or given to researchers who will destroy them in the name of science.

Instead, Hilton recently underwent an eighth round of IVF to create more embryos with the hopes that the white coats handling her and Reum’s biological matter will find a way to give her a girl.

“I just went through the process again a month ago, so I’m waiting for the results to see if there’s any girls,” Hilton recounted to Glamour.

Hilton Outsourced Every Stage of Reproduction

The same month Hilton put her plan to manufacture a baby girl in motion, January of 2023, she announced that a surrogate had birthed her baby boy Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum. You wouldn’t know this based on the maternity photoshoot she posted on her Instagram, which makes it appear that Hilton — dressed in a robe — was the one who carried and birthed the baby.

Yet, it was at her friend Kim Kardashian’s encouragement that Hilton opted to buy pregnancy and Phoenix’s birth by renting another woman’s womb.

Mothers who connect with their unborn babies during pregnancy are more likely to interact with that child in a positive way post-birth. Those interactions, the study notes, are what fuel learning and development in infants.

Instead of spending nine months emotionally and physically bonding with her unborn child, however, Hilton outsourced the growth of her son to another woman because she didn’t want the struggles, physical changes, and medical surveillance that come with childbirth.

“When I was in The Simple Life, I had to be in a room when a woman was giving birth and that traumatized me as well. But I want a family so bad, it’s just the physical part of doing it. I’m just so scared… childbirth and death are the two things that scare me more than anything in the world,” Hilton told Glamour.

Hilton Thinks Human Life Is Dispensable

Hilton’s embrace of the morally and ethically fraught fertility industry shouldn’t come as a surprise. For years now, Hilton has advocated for abortion and even disclosed that she had one herself in her early 20s.

“This was also something that I didn’t want to talk about because there was so much shame around that. I was a kid and I was not ready for that,” Hilton said in the Glamour interview.

Much like abortion, third-party reproduction is predicated on the sacrifice of children’s rights and needs to cater to the selfish ambitions of adults. Based on her previous actions, it’s clear Hilton endorses the destruction of human life so long as that child is unwanted due to inconvenience or what the mother considers an undesirable sex.

Hilton has yet to disclose whether her latest round of IVF yielded her desired results, but she did tell Glamour she just wants to “enjoy my life with my family and be normal.”

Celebrities have tried for years to normalize and popularize the use of assisted-reproductive technology to fit kids into their busy lives. But the truth is, there isn’t anything normal or good about trapping nearly two dozen of your children — your newborn son’s siblings — in cryopreservation tanks indefinitely while you pay for the production of more embryos. 

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