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Breaking News Alert 'Maybe Try Decaf': Sean Davis Smacks Down Left-Wing C-SPAN Caller's Unhinged Rant

Republicans, Don’t Fall For The Left’s Post-Midterms Trump Trap


While we wait for Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia to count their votes with the urgency of a DMV staffer on break, maybe Republicans should not accept the invitation from Democrats and the media to spend the next two years moaning about whether it’s time to “move on” from Donald Trump.

It’s true that as of Wednesday afternoon, the election was not the decisive win for Republicans that was anticipated. Everyone still thinks the GOP will control the House come next year and the Florida results show that Republicans have turned that crucial state ruby red. On the other hand, a breathing cadaver defeated the Republican in Pennsylvania’s Senate race and the victory margins have been otherwise slim. But that the elections should be some form of reckoning for Republicans to either throw Trump overboard or cuff themselves to his ankles and swallow the key is a very, very stupid way of thinking about the future.

It’s a false dilemma designed to frustrate Republicans into believing that the party has no good options to move forward — either declare now that Trump is dead weight or pledge undying loyalty to the former president.

Those are not the only two options and Republicans taking cues from the left would be like a gazelle taking directions from a lion.

Recent history is clear. Trump single-handedly revived and revolutionized an entire political party, turning an old country club into a shining Costco, a place where bikers, boaters, and business owners alike can all find the things they need at a good price. What he’s done and where he’s gone since, and in the future, won’t change it. For that, Republicans should be eternally grateful.

Why should there be any need for a messy and public divorce? Just the same, every election doesn’t need to be a competition for which GOP candidate can hug Trump the closest. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rarely says a word about him, though when he does, it’s always with gratitude. And it works!

Choosing between a party with or without Trump is impossible. Entertaining the question is a trap. Don’t fall for it.

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