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Planned Parenthood’s Support For California’s Abortion Amendment Is About Cash Flows, Not Health Care


Why is Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) spending $50 million of its political action money and Gov. Gavin Newsom spending millions of his own campaign cash to convince California voters to approve Proposition 1, the so-called Reproductive Freedom Amendment that would “enshrine” the right to abortion in the California state constitution?

What makes Proposition 1 a mystery, at least to me, the longest-practicing, most highly-experienced abortion doctor in America, is that the Reproductive Privacy Act (RPA) of 2003 already enshrines the “right to abortion” in California blackletter law. When I compared the two, I noted that where the existing 2003 RPA specified “the state shall not deny or interfere with woman’s or pregnant person’s right to choose or obtain an abortion prior to the viability of the fetus,” Proposition 1 removes the fetal viability limit. Meaning, if voters approve Proposition 1, it will be legal for me or any doctor licensed in California to abort up to the moment of birth, even viable and healthy babies.

I was puzzled for some time over the deletion of the fetal viability limit from Proposition 1 and the first reasonable explanation I came up with to explain PPFA’s large financial commitment was if abortion were legal up to birth, the abortion giant would be able to attract late-pregnant women from “red states” to have their third-trimester abortions in California facilities that would allow it to recover some of the profits it lost after the Dobbs decision reversed Roe v. Wade.

More simply stated, PPFA was not much interested in the medical implications of Proposition 1 but in the business ramifications. Newsom himself is aggressively promoting Proposition 1 on TV and is spending a lot of his own campaign cash buying billboards in “red states” appealing to abortion seekers with messages like “NEED AN ABORTION? CALIFORNIA IS READY TO HELP.”

Then, on Oct. 18, the real driving force behind Proposition 1 emerged when the Dupont Clinic of Washington, D.C. made “an exciting announcement,” on Twitter that they would be bringing their “person-centered model of all-trimester abortion care to the West Coast.” Accompanied by a picture of the famed Hollywood sign to indicate the location would be Los Angeles and then a picture of the well-appointed spacious facility in which viable and healthy babies up to the moment of birth would presumably be legally killed.

More ghastly and monstrous than the news of “all-trimester abortion care” — their euphemism for killing viable and healthy babies up to the moment of birth — is who is behind it. The Dupont Clinic is owned by a private individual, Dr. Matthew Reeves, former medical director of the National Abortion Federation, and it will operate “under the leadership” of Dr. Jennefer Russo (presumably the medical director and chief abortionist). Russo is formerly of the Southern California PPFA clinic which was a business partner of DaVinci Biosciences, a company banned from doing business in the state of California that admitted to breaking state and federal laws by selling aborted fetal organs and tissue for profit.

Between the two of them, they wield enough political power to command the vast resources of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America to pay for their entry and, most impressive of all, use the actual sitting governor of California as their stalking horse to “enshrine” an amendment in an actual state constitution that will grant them the God-like right to literally and legally kill viable and healthy babies up to the moment of birth.

Oh, my beloved California, I tried so to save your honor, dignity, and legacy with my little “NO” vote on Proposition 1, but the enemy was just too powerful.

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