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As NYT Identifies The Mysterious ‘Perla,’ All The Media’s Martha’s Vineyard Lies Unravel

migrants depart Martha’s Vineyard
Image CreditCBS 17/YouTube

Everything the media tried to convince the public was illegal about the DeSantis-facilitated migrant flight was just proved wrong.


As soon as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration took credit for flying nearly 50 illegal border-crossers on a charter plane to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in mid-September, Democrats and their allies in the corrupt corporate media freaked out.

They called the flight “evil,” “inhumane,” “disgusting,” and a “cruel” thing to do and demanded DeSantis answer for the “blonde woman” called “Perla” whom migrants in San Antonio, Texas, reportedly claimed had “tricked” them into taking the long trip North.

Immigration lawyers who jumped at the opportunity to represent the migrants called the flight an act of “kidnapping” to an undisclosed destination orchestrated by DeSantis. NPR reported that migrants were “lured” into boarding the plane because Perla told them they were going to Boston where “expedited work papers” were waiting for them.

According to The Washington Post, Perla, decked out in a cowboy hat and riding around in a “rented white SUV,” coerced migrants into making the journey with the promise of “food, jobs and transportation.” The New York Times said this Perla woman likely “misled” migrants to the point of breaking the law.

One blogger even claimed that the informative brochure given to migrants, which outlined Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard migrant assistance programs, was a “smoking gun” that indicated DeSantis is potentially guilty of a crime. Federalist Senior Editor John Daniel Davidson quickly debunked this claim, but it still got tens of thousands of likes and shares on social media.

Shortly after these reports made their rounds, several Democrats including California Gov. Gavin Newsom asked the Department of Justice to investigate red states such as Florida and Texas for “trafficking” migrants against their will. U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco all but confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg that her agency would eventually get involved. Other Democrats including Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar in Texas pledged a full criminal investigation into the matter.

Fast forward a few weeks to Sunday, Oct. 2, when The New York Times published an article identifying the mysterious “Perla” who talked to migrants in San Antonio as Perla Huerta, an alleged former combat medic and counterintelligence agent who now resides in Tampa, Florida. Buried more than two dozen paragraphs into the NYT article is a quiet confirmation that, regardless of Perla, the migrants not only agreed to get on the plane voluntarily but that they knew their final destination was the wealthy East Coast island of Martha’s Vineyard.

“The migrants each received a red folder containing a map of the United States, with an arrow stretching from Texas to Massachusetts. Another map in the shape of Martha’s Vineyard had a dot for the airport and one for the community services center,” the New York Times story states.

Using information from “a person briefed on the San Antonio sheriff’s office investigation,” the Times affirmed what DeSantis and his office had claimed all along: These illegal border-crossers knew where they were going when they boarded the plane to Martha’s Vineyard. And they did so of their own will.

Suddenly, everything the press tried to convince the public was illegal about the DeSantis-facilitated domestic flight was proven wrong.

It’s not surprising, given their history of brazen lying in the service of Democrat narratives, that the corporate media readily bought into and peddled a hoax fed to them by dozens of immigration lawyers with fiery rhetoric. The worst part about this Perla arc is that most of it was wrong from the very beginning.

Effectively buried in the press’s panicked coverage of the Perla narrative was a quote at the bottom of a Texas Tribune article from one of the migrants. Eduardo Linares told the Tribune that, after allegedly hearing Perla’s pitch, he voluntarily decided not to get on the plane. The article also noted that Perla was offering “a free trip to islands off the coast of Massachusetts,” not Boston.

Multiple publications including The Boston Globe amplified Linares’s quotes about being lied to by the blonde woman. But the migrant’s acknowledgment in the same Tribune article that “he is second-guessing whether he should have gone, too” after hearing that the other migrants who flew to Martha’s Vineyard were faring well is predictably missing from those accounts.

“I’ve heard … from people that say they are good, they’re working and they’re good,” Linares told The Texas Tribune.

Additional evidence the media ignored while it fabricated an alternative narrative about migrants being “tricked” included this account from a Telemundo reporter who said the illegal border-crossers who did take the trip to Martha’s Vineyard considered themselves the “lucky ones.”

“I can tell you, they’re not angry at Ron DeSantis,” Telemundo’s Cristina Londoño Rooney told MSNBC. “They are actually thanking him for having brought them to Martha’s Vineyard.”

Even The Martha’s Vineyard Times talked to a migrant who said, through an interpreter, “that they wanted to come to the Island and are seeking employment.”

None of this mattered to the corporate media, which were salivating at the chance to blast DeSantis.

The same media outlets that accused DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of using migrants as “political pawns” by shipping them to blue states and cities twisted the facts, deliberately omitted them, and straight up lied about the events that led up to that famous Martha’s Vineyard flight. It’s the media, not DeSantis, who are guilty of exploiting the border crisis for political gain.

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