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ZuckBucks Election Rigger Announces Plan To Take Over Government Election Communications


A key operative in the Zuckerberg-funded scheme to take over government election offices during the 2020 election just announced his plan to provide public relations support for election workers facing increased scrutiny by voters.

Democrat elections activist David Becker’s Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN) announced it will be providing communications for government election officials across the country. 

This move is in response to a growing number of concerned citizens taking an active role in demanding greater transparency and oversight into the elections process, particularly after the chaos that marked the 2020 presidential election. Democrats and the media deride this activism as a dangerous “attack on elections” and claim that election workers’ safety is in danger (despite the fact that DOJ Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite admitted that out of 1,000 threats reported against election workers to the DOJ hotline last year, only 100 met the threshold for investigation, and out of that 100, five were prosecuted by the DOJ).

Becker claims his group will run communications efforts to help election offices combat “disinformation” and to create “an effective truthful narrative.” When asked about Becker’s new project, Cleta Mitchell, senior legal fellow at the Conservative Partnership Institute, quipped, “What disinformation are they countering and who is the truth czar?”

Through EOLDN’s website, election officials may request communications assistance and be matched with a professional free of charge. Such assistance will include “traditional media, social media, messaging, planning, rapid response, and anything else an election office needs to support their work and combat disinformation.” 

Scott Walter, president of Capital Research Center, told The Federalist “it’s far from clear that administrators are being threatened by ‘disinformation’ – a loaded term used by activists – or that it’s appropriate for a tax-exempt nonprofit to provide pro bono services to government employees. That sounds like a left-wing workaround to escape the dozens of states that have forbidden Zuck Buck-style private funding of government election offices by instead giving government officials services and other in-kind support.”

But this kind of private takeover of government election offices is nothing new to Becker. During the 2020 election, Becker’s left-wing nonprofit group, the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), received roughly $70 million from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that it funneled to government election offices to drive Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts in blue areas of swing states.

Becker himself is a far-left activist with an extensive history of attacking conservatives. As an attorney for the Department of Justice, he was the subject of an ethics complaint which revealed disparaging comments he made about Republicans via email. After his stint at the DOJ, Becker worked for People For The American Way, a George Soros-funded leftist advocacy group best known for its website that attacks right-wing politicians. In 2012, Becker founded the Electronic Registration Information Center, a voter roll maintenance organization that inflates state’s voter rolls instead of cleaning them (and in doing so, drives Democratic voter turnout). In 2016, Becker started CEIR, of which EOLDN is a project. He currently sits on the board of advisers for Secure Elections for America Now, a center-left advocacy group that promotes same-day voter registration and voting rights for convicted felons.

Simply put, Becker and his operatives have taken over voter roll maintenance, voter registration and outreach, election administration (including the counting and curing of ballots), and now official elections communications — while being irreversibly compromised as Democrat activists.

Private citizens who notice irregularities at their local election offices will have no chance of remedying suspicious or illegal practices when officials can defer to Becker and his team to characterize their actions as legal and label complaints “disinformation.” Once EOLDN has control of state and local election offices’ communications, it’ll be that much easier to shut down citizen observers’ concerns and flood election offices with left-wing propaganda.

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