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Breaking News Alert Report: Trump Rally Assassin Hid Gun On Site Before The Event

6 Ways Democrats Are ‘Threatening Democracy’

President Joe Biden will attack ‘MAGA Republicans’ Thursday night as enemies of democracy while remaining oblivious to his own party’s extremism.


President Joe Biden will deliver a prime-time address Thursday night on the “battle for the soul of the nation,” where the commander-in-chief will take aim at “MAGA Republicans” two months ahead of the November midterms.

Administration officials told reporters the speech at Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park will target “a movement that does not recognize free and fair elections, a movement that increasingly is talking about violence in response to actions that they don’t like or don’t agree with, which is not the way democracies behave.”

The White House talking points illustrate quite the irony two days after America’s Unifier-in-Chief threatened to deploy F-15s on “right-wing Americans” who support the Second Amendment.

While President Biden prepares to wax poetically about Democrats’ commitment to democracy in the face of GOP aversion, it’s worth some self-reflection on how Democrats themselves are driving institutional decay.

Weaponization Of Federal Law Enforcement

Last month, President Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) signed off on an unprecedented raid of a former president to thwart a potential 2024 rival’s ambitious return to the Oval Office.

On Aug. 8, more than 30 plain clothes FBI agents raided former President Donald Trump’s 128-room Florida residence at Mar-a-Lago. While Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed the search was “narrowly scoped,” examination of the warrant revealed Biden’s stormtroopers were authorized to confiscate any documents Trump came into contact with over his four years as president.

The raid has become the latest episode in the Democrats’ years-long efforts to exploit the resources of federal law enforcement to target political opponents, from Jan. 6 demonstrators prosecuted for trespassing to supposed militiamen caught in FBI-orchestrated entrapment plots. Trump is merely public enemy number one, whose potential return to power threatens the incumbent regime with comprehensive plans to gut the administrative state, starting with the DOJ and FBI.

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Before officials raided his Florida home, Trump was the target of a years-long hoax to indict the president as a Russian agent, wherein deep state government operatives at the FBI relied on DNC-funded opposition research, which turned out to be junk intelligence.

The repeat hits on political opponents, which have become normalized at the Department of Justice, have plummeted public faith in the nation’s premier law enforcement agencies. According to a new Trafalgar poll out last month, a plurality of independent voters no longer trust the DOJ or the FBI, joined by a majority of black and Hispanic voters in the survey’s crosstabs.

Cheapening Impeachment

Trump finished his first term in office undergoing a turbulent snap impeachment as Democrats sought to accomplish the top item on their policy agenda since 2016 with the criminal conviction of Donald Trump.

Trump became the first president not only to be impeached twice but to be put on trial in the Senate after leaving office.

The impeachment process must be preserved as an extreme measure to remove a democratically-elected president from office for high crimes and misdemeanors. Instead, the process during the Trump years became a political exercise among Democrats to thwart the will of the American people and obstruct the president’s agenda. The Republican president’s first impeachment was the product of a made-up scandal surrounding nearly $400 million in military aid withheld to Ukraine, aid which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was unaware of even being delayed.

By February 2020, Trump was acquitted of all charges. One year later, Trump was acquitted again over charges of provoking the Capitol riot, which had already started before he had even finished speaking at the White House on Jan. 6.

Fueling Polarization

President Biden launched his administration with a pledge on the United States Capitol of “bringing America together, uniting our people, and uniting our nation.” In the same address, the president wrote off half the country as white supremacists, demonizing political opponents as domestic terrorists “that we must confront and we will defeat.” By Christmas, he wished the unvaccinated a Merry Christmas complete with “illness and death.”

Americans are more divided today than in decades, potentially in more than a century. According to the Vanderbilt Unity Index, a five-point input to probe public polarization, Americans are more divided today than at any time since the index launched in 1981.

Biden is far from the only Democrat driving down American unity, but as leader of the party, let alone president, he shares the greatest culpability in the nation’s deepening divide.

Normalizing Political Violence

The damage from just the first two weeks of 2020’s summer of rage cost approximately 66 times that of the inflated estimates of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. It took Democrats months, however, to begin condemning brazen political violence after the party spent 2020 justifying explosive riots as righteous acts of social justice.

The normalization of political violence is a natural consequence of citizens having forgotten how to function in a healthy democracy, where violence is the end result when a significant population fails to secure its preferred political outcomes. The presidential election year in 2020 might have been an outlier in politically-motivated carnage to wreak havoc on Main Street, but the last two years have seen no absence of left-wing militancy terrorizing the public. Pregnancy centers, in particular, have been firebombed across the country in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Undermining Election Integrity

Biden plans to focus his speech on shaming the conservative movement as one “that does not recognize free and fair elections.” But it’s his administration, not the GOP, that is actively engaged in a federal takeover of elections. Using Executive Order 14019, Biden demanded all federal agencies to create voter registration campaigns, even if that means ignoring state election rules and regulations and partnering with left-wing groups.

That’s on top of all of the election shenanigans, rigging, and law-breaking Democrats have routinely used to meddle in U.S. elections. Whether it’s pushing ranked-choice voting to keep their preferred candidates in office, adding practices susceptible to fraud such as widespread mail-in balloting to elections last minute, or gladly accepting the political influence of Big Tech via Zuckbucks, Democrats are guilty of working overtime to make sure it’s blue candidates, not red ones, who win at the polls.

At the same time, they conspire to do “whatever it takes” to keep Trump out of office, the sham January 6 Committee, Democrats, their NeverTrump allies, and the corrupt corporate media actively work to dismiss the legitimate election integrity concerns plaguing voters.

Forfeiture Of Border Sovereignty

Since day one, Biden sought to undermine the security of the U.S. Southern border by halting wall construction, removing protections such as the Migrant Protection Protocols (also known as the Remain in Mexico program), and explicitly scaling back ICE arrests and deportations. As a result, record numbers of illegal migrants and illicit drugs are flowing across the U.S. border with little to no scrutiny or consequence.

Politicians and voters, both red and blue, have warned against the dangers and strain of an unregulated flow of illegal migrants into the nation’s cities. Despite these concerns, the Biden administration and border czar Kamala Harris are silent, only stepping in or piping up when they want to remove protective measures such as Title 42 or spread lies about Border Patrol agents whipping migrants. Democrats in Congress have also gone out of their way to reject legislation designed to curb the crisis.

As documented in The Federalist’s documentary “Cartel Country: The Untold Story Of America’s Black Market On The Border,” it’s open border policies like Biden’s that enable the expansion of the black market.

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