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These Top GOP Senators Still Haven’t Condemned Democrats’ Banana Republic FBI Raid On Donald Trump

Some in Senate GOP leadership including Minority Leader McConnell have refused to condemn the rogue FBI’s actions against Trump.


More than 24 hours after the FBI’s “unannounced raid” on former President Donald Trump’s home, some in Senate GOP leadership including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have refused to condemn the rogue agency’s actions against their party leader.

While House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy rushed to condemn the Department of Justice’s “intolerable state of weaponized politicization” the night of the raid and even announced plans to “conduct immediate oversight of this department,” neither McConnell, Senate Republican Policy Committee Chair Roy Blunt, nor Senate Republican Whip John Thune had publicly mentioned a word to their constituents, the press, or their colleagues by Tuesday afternoon about taking action against the politicized bureaucratic agencies that have increasingly targeted Americans.

Instead of addressing the two-tiered justice system in the U.S., something nearly 80 percent of Americans say is a legitimate problem facing the nation, as a united party that stands behind its former presidential leader, McConnell and his Senate peers have remained deliberately mum on the FBI’s ambush at Mar-a-Lago.

Their offices did not immediately respond to The Federalist’s questions about whether they plan to condemn the raid.

In reality, the only Republican in Senate leadership who spoke out against the regime’s rogue actions on Monday night after Trump’s announcement was Chairman of the Campaign Committee Rick Scott, who called the operation “incredibly concerning, especially given the Biden admin’s history of going after parents & other political opponents.”

“This is 3rd World country stuff. We need answers NOW. The FBI must explain what they were doing today & why,” Scott tweeted.

By Tuesday morning, Scott had announced that “When Republicans retake the majority in the Senate, there will be a thorough & aggressive investigation into the @FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago.”

“Everything needs to be on the table for AG Garland, including impeachment if he doesn’t come out TODAY & explain what happened,” Scott wrote.

As my colleague Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford noted, Scott is used to contradicting his colleagues. After all, he “earned the fury of McConnell earlier this year for being the only one who dared to put forth an agenda for a majority.”

It wasn’t until Tuesday that other members of leadership such as Senate GOP Chairman John Barrasso and Senate Republican Conference Vice Chairwoman Joni Ernst bothered to acknowledge the raid that continues to control this week’s news cycle.

Their statements, however, lacked the strength and promise for direct action that Scott and other Republicans in the House and Senate have demanded.

Updated Aug. 9 at 6:09 p.m.

On Tuesday evening, more than 24 hours after news of the raid broke, McConnell issued a statement claiming that “The country deserves a thorough and immediate explanation of what led to the events of Monday. Attorney General Garland and the Department of Justice should already have provided answers to the American people and must do so immediately.”

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