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FBI Raid On Trump Confirms The Security State Picks Who Americans Are Allowed To Vote For

Trump landing at Mar-a-Lago
Image CreditOfficial White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian / public domain

No wonder Democrats keep bleating loudly about “our democracy” — they know we don’t live in one presently. And this FBI raid is going to make a lot more people aware of it.


The FBI made an unannounced raid on the private home of a former U.S. president Monday night, authorized by a U.S. attorney general whom that president had denied a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. The raid happened as the former president publicly mulled another election bid, and amid growing FBI interference in state elections.

The raid has provided needed clarity to Republicans who have participated in, presided over, and failed to bring accountability for perhaps the biggest security state hoax in American history, known as Spygate. In that operation, Obama administration officials colluded to frame and hijack the incoming opposition presidency using fabricated evidence, lies to secret security courts, media propaganda operations, and breaking numerous laws as well as the public trust.

They framed a president and got away with it. Now they’re raiding a president. It won’t stop there if they get away with it again. If Republicans don’t end this, they’re all next.

Evidence has come out that this was not the only instance of unelected spy and military officials working to void elections by preventing their supposed commander-in-chief from exercising his legal authority over them. Plenty of evidence indicates Democrats’ investigation into the one riot perpetrated among supporters of their top political opponent (amid thousands perpetrated by their own supporters that went uninvestigated) is not an investigation but a coverup.

We already knew that top military leadership lied to Trump about Afghanistan so he wouldn’t withdraw, as he promised while campaigning. It seems likely those same military officials sabotaged Joe Biden’s withdrawal.

And newly released information about Gen. Mark Milley provides further confirmation that security state officials felt comfortable refusing to obey their supposed commander’s orders. Military leadership ignoring elected civilian leadership is more coup-style behavior that implicates yet another branch of America’s frightening military-industrial complex.

The bottom line of being run by a national security state and its influence operations is the end of self-governance in America. If Americans aren’t allowed to choose who their leaders will be until national security agencies filter the pool, we don’t have a democracy, a republic, or a democratic-republic, we have a security state that uses elections as a facade for tyranny.

As Mike Anton presciently wrote two weeks ago, the political persecution of Donald Trump is not about him at all, but about his representation of what a large block of voters want that the national security state refuses to allow.

The regime can’t allow Trump to be president not because of who he is (although that grates), but because of who his followers are. That class—Angelo Codevilla’s “country class”—must not be allowed representation by candidates who might implement their preferences, which also, and above all, must not be allowed. The rubes have no legitimate standing to affect the outcome of any political process, because of who they are, but mostly because of what they want.

Complaints about the nature of Trump are just proxies for objections to the nature of his base.

No wonder Democrats keep bleating loudly about “our democracy” — they know we don’t live in one presently. And this FBI raid is going to make a lot more people aware of it.

If Republicans continue to submit to this farcical arrangement, it will be more confirmation that America’s two-party system is also a pretense, and Republicans are merely a fake opposition party kept on life support to help some people believe our elections are legitimate.

Republicans’ promised hearings aren’t enough. Republicans also held hearing after hearing on Spygate, and nobody was brought to justice. They should be using every peaceful tool of dissent, protest, and refusing to cooperate, as well as preparing to replace the entire FBI and DOJ with completely apolitical staff. Anything Democrats want or need from Republicans from now on, including providing the appearance of a consenting two-party system, should be completely off limits until this banana republic governance ends.