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Why The J6 Committee’s Attacks On Ginni Thomas’s Free Speech Are A Totalitarian Attack On Every American

Ginni Thomas
Image CreditGage Skidmore/Flickr

Since they haven’t been able to destroy Justice Thomas after years of trying, they hope to get to him through his wife. It’s a sickening tactic.


The left has expressed a special hatred for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for decades. Thomas stands for everything our elites hate: free speech, due process, fair elections, and every individual right in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Paradoxically, the left seems to find this especially galling because he is the descendant of slaves.

But for all these decades, they haven’t been able to get him. Cue House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s show trial masquerading as an investigation of a three-hour protest at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. It was a protest that got out of hand when the Capitol Police took the most peculiar step of opening the Capitol doors wide to the protesters.

And who is the congressional committee’s scapegoat of choice for the J6 star chamber? Thomas’s wife, Ginni. Interestingly, PolitiFact concluded that there is no evidence Mrs. Thomas had anything to do with organizing the Jan. 6 protests. So the committee and its media cohorts have been on a propagandistic fishing expedition.

For example, they located some text messages with then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in which Thomas expressed concerns about the 2020 electoral process. They dug up emails in which she asked Trump lawyer John Eastman to provide updates on what was going on with election litigation. And so on. They’ll keep trying to cobble together their desired picture. In the end, they’ll just make it all up (a specialty of Rep. Adam Schiff’s, D-Calif.)

So, since they haven’t been able to destroy Justice Thomas after years of trying, they hope to get to him through his wife. It’s a sickening tactic, one reflecting the worst of totalitarian regimes, including Joseph Stalin’s Russia and Mao Zedong’s China. But the tactic reveals an even deeper goal. They detest anyone who dares defend real freedom. And they can’t stand anyone who exercises that freedom.

So watch what they are doing to Ginni Thomas: their disrespect for her private life, their double standards of justice, their shameless smear campaigns. Observe their intent to destroy her husband through her. Watch it. Because it is what they have in mind for you and me and any American who values freedom and a private life.

We Are All Ginni Thomas Now

If you’ve ever heard Ginni Thomas speak (to the extent the media permits you to really hear her) you can immediately see she is the real deal. If you are a person of good will, you will see a kind-hearted person who strives for fairness and looks for goodness in everyone.

She obviously loves America. She values its constitutional guarantees of individual rights for everybody. There is absolutely no guile in her.

But in the eyes of this congressional witch hunt, Thomas’s devotion to the American concept of “liberty and justice for all” is the big crime. It’s a concept that leads to the idea of “one man, one vote” and free speech and real debate — all of which run counter to the Democrats’ self-professed goal of permanent one-party rule.

Everyone needs to understand that if Ginni Thomas has no right to express her opinions and have conversations about those opinions with family, friends, and acquaintances as a private citizen, then neither do you. If she has no right to ask obvious questions — in this case questions about election integrity, but it could be about anything else — then neither do you. Everything they are trying to pin on Thomas about her “activism” and possibly “influencing” her husband or trying to “overturn” the 2020 election is b-llsh-t.

Everybody has a right to question any election they want. Just as the Democrats in Congress put on non-stop show trials for four years in which they pushed the now-proven bald-faced lie that the 2016 election was “stolen,” every private citizen has the right to ask questions, especially about weird and unprecedented electoral procedures. Particularly in light of the elites’ Time magazine admission of how they rigged it, after all.  

The Complete Trashing of the Bill of Rights

So if you really want to understand where the J6 “hearings” are going with their attack on Ginni Thomas, you should see it as a proxy attack on every American citizen. Just look at the scandalous treatment of non-violent J6 defendants who are handled like Soviet-era political prisoners by a now putrefied Department of Justice (DOJ), all with the apparent concurrence of congressional Democrats. Just look at the Stalinist-styled pre-dawn raids being conducted by the Federal Bureau of so-called Investigation. If Congress wasn’t so corrupt, we’d have an investigation into these heinous, un-American acts.

The Democrat-controlled Congress apparently has contempt for each and every right enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The policy positions they push are all about destroying your private life. Let’s check them off, one by one.

They routinely limit your First Amendment rights to freedom of thought, speech, writing, and association under the guise of non-discrimination. As the treatment of J6 protesters shows, you have no right to petition for an address of your grievances. The Second Amendment is now on their chopping block because they don’t want you to be able to defend your rights or the people you love.

The Democrats’ constant attacks on the right to private property — and giving license to mobs to harass officials at their homes — look like attacks on the Third Amendment. The FBI’s middle-of-the-night raids on the homes of citizens like Jeff Clark and James O’Keefe and Roger Stone spits in the face of the Fourth Amendment.

Democrats’ subpoena of Ginni Thomas is a ruse to try to invent testimony against her husband as well as against herself, in violation both of spousal privilege and of the Fifth Amendment. (Or, as Schiff seems to be aiming for: creating the impression of impropriety by publicly airing what spouses talk about in their private lives.)

The DOJ has clearly violated the Sixth Amendment by preventing J6 defendants from having a speedy trial. Many were detained and incarcerated without being charged. This brings us to the Seventh Amendment’s right to a trial by jury, presumably an impartial jury. It is laughable to presume that any jury pool in the exceedingly leftist District of Columbia would allow a fair trial to any Jan. 6 defendant.

If you follow Julie Kelly’s superb investigative reporting on the treatment of J6 defendants in the D.C. jail, you should be outraged that the cruel and unusual punishment of defendants — including solitary confinement for long periods, beatings, and the withholding of medical treatment for offenses like “parading” — are in direct violation of the Eighth Amendment.

No doubt congressional Democrats view the Ninth Amendment as a total joke since they don’t seem to believe Americans should have any individual rights at all. Finally, they hate the Tenth Amendment because it means that you might be able to escape their grasp by regaining your individual rights in a state like Florida governed by Ron DeSantis.

Parading a Private Citizen as a Scare Tactic

So much for the Bill of Rights. Attacking family members — and the private lives of perceived opponents — is behavior typical of all totalitarian systems. Ginni Thomas is simply the private citizen whom the committee hopes to parade as an example of what will happen to you (and your families) if you don’t conform and comply with their demands.

If you think you’ll be able to live unmolested by elitists who so routinely abuse their power, think again.

One of the committee’s key goals is to tamper with the Supreme Court. They want to eliminate a justice who has a non-negotiable respect for due process. But they also hope to make sure his wife, a private citizen, doesn’t speak to him without their express permission and surveillance. If they can do that to her, they’re on the road to doing it to every one of us.