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New York Times Admits: Experimenting On Trans Kids Has Horrifying, Irreversible Consequences

trans child
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In a New York Times podcast, a lesbian mother and her transgender daughter affirm that gender dissenters have been right all along.


Any remaining people unbothered by the “queer” activists pushing for children to question their gender, screw with their biological chemistry via hormone pills and even potentially mutilate their genitals, should immediately listen to an episode this week of The New York Times’s “The Daily” podcast.

If it doesn’t fill everyone with shock and horror, it’s all over and the monsters of this country have won. That two-part episode, “When Texas Went After Transgender Care,” features a lesbian mother and her biological daughter, Grayson, who is 17 and has attempted to become a male.

Grayson recalls suffering from severe depression as a child but finding some comfort after a friend “came out” to her as gender “non-binary.” Grayson subsequently researched topics related to transgenderism. She said while going through puberty she feared that growing breasts and wider hips would mean people no longer viewed her as “masculine” and as the “tomboy” that she always was.

Grayson eventually told her mother, Holly, that she identified as male. Holly was initially taken aback because, she said, she had always assumed her daughter was simply a “butch lesbian.”

Nevertheless, Holly found a clinic in Texas that counseled and affirmed children who expressed symptoms of gender dysphoria. She admitted her daughter.

Grayson had already gone through the bulk of puberty, so was not given the option to ingest pills that would stunt her body’s natural transition to womanhood (a common prescription among trans-affirming doctors). Instead, she was offered pharmaceuticals that would suppress her estrogen and increase her levels of testosterone. Her voice deepened and she grew facial hair, two consequences that will be irreversible, as conceded by Grayson and her mother.

“But of course there’s always electrolysis and laser,” Holly says with a resigned laugh.

Times reporter Azeen Ghorayshi then went into the concerns parents of gender dysphoric children have about experimenting with their kids’ hormones, namely the permanent loss of bone density and potential infertility. Ghorayshi admitted that both are possibilities.

“We just don’t have a lot of data on what happens to bone density in [trans] people long term,” she said. On fertility, she says, “the science here is really early,” but that there are legitimate concerns that halting a person’s natural development, only to artificially push it in the opposite direction, “You could interfere with the maturation of the eggs and sperm” of that individual. “There’s just very little in the way of long-term research,” she says.

Most comically, if still depressing, Ghorayshi offered a simple remedy to that predicament: “If a kid knows that they want to have children down the road and wants to leave open the option to having their own biological kids, that permanent loss of fertility is a big deal, so these clinicians do coach the kids and their parents about what the options are if preserving fertility is important.”

What a relief!

I’m well past the age of puberty and even I don’t know if I want children. How does a kid, all of 12 years old, and who may not even know how to have sex yet, know herself?

The question that should be on everyone’s minds is: Why can’t any of this wait until a person is at least a legal adult and working with a brain that isn’t preoccupied with doing cringe-worthy dances on Tik Tok?

Ghorayshi attempted to address that issue at the tail end of part one.

“Trans advocates and clinicians say all the time that doing nothing is also doing something,” she says, “because forcing a child to go through the puberty of a gender they don’t identify with can also be harmful.”

Okay. Maybe? Is allowing a natural process harmful? In any event, it couldn’t possibly be any more harmful to let a child’s body take its course than it is to irreversibly alter it, should that child change his mind about being transgender, which is not uncommon at all.

Just last week the Washington Post ran an article by a transgender person who is biologically male and regrets all the things he did to his body to make it more like a woman before he was even the age of 20. “I was still a virgin when I went in for surgery,” wrote the author, Corinna Cohn. “I mistakenly believed that this made my choice more serious and authentic. I chose an irreversible change before I’d even begun to understand my sexuality. The surgeon deemed my operation a good outcome, but intercourse never became pleasurable.”

You’re supposed to be comfortable with this. You’re supposed to feel a sense of compassion for parents who go through the process of artificially, irreversibly altering their child’s biological chemistry. You’re supposed to be accepting of parents who let their kids make life changing medical choices to remove and mutilate their genitals.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s administration has deemed it “child abuse” for parents to go through these medical steps and procedures with their children, a move that has naturally set off all the people who think it’s fine to tinker with a kid’s hormones and reproductive organs. Is there any other term for it?

That this stuff is happening should upset everyone. If it’s not, there’s nothing left to say about it. The monsters have won.