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Breaking News Alert 'Maybe Try Decaf': Sean Davis Smacks Down Left-Wing C-SPAN Caller's Unhinged Rant

Weirdos Who Want To Sexualize Your Children Should Absolutely Be Stigmatized As Groomers

groomers of children video of mens gay chorus in San Francisco
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Are we really quibbling over whether ‘groomers’ is an OK word to refer to people who delight in sexualizing kids and hiding it from parents?


What does it say about the pathetic state of the political right that instead of spending our energy advancing the ideas and institutions that promote human flourishing, we’re quibbling over whether “groomers” is the right word to refer to people who delight in sexualizing other people’s kids and hiding it from their parents?

The ranks of progressives and unmistakably pro-LGBT media — who spend their days throwing around insulting hyperbole like “Nazi,” “fascist,” and “silence is violence” — are being joined by so-called conservatives who’ve taken it upon themselves to lecture those to the right of them that ackshuuully it’s not appropriate to call the kids’ entertainment creators and state-sanctioned educators who insist on sexually indoctrinating 5-year-olds “groomers.”

It’s absolutely absurd. Conservatives aren’t abandoning their principles by abandoning needless throat-clearing about teachers’ alleged good faith and the left’s intentions.

We all know the left’s intentions because they’ve made them perfectly clear. The most recent go-around started with them maliciously branding a bill protecting parents’ rights — which are an absolutely necessity for societal survival — as a bill that banned mention of the word “gay” in schools. It was a lie; the legislation seeks to keep leftist dogmas about gender identity and sexual orientation away from 5-9-year-old kids.

When the left lost and the bill got signed into law, furious executives at Florida-based Disney began ranting about their quests to inject sexual deviancy into children’s entertainment.

In a video call leaked to investigative journalist Christopher Rufo, Disney executive Latoya Raveneau bragged about her “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” and attempts at “adding queerness” wherever she could in kids’ shows. Another employee talked openly about his attempts to “explor[e] queer stories” and introduce enough “gender non-conforming characters.” There was more where that came from.

We’re Old Enough to Remember

The left’s record on morphing natural sexual mores, however, didn’t start yesterday. So we don’t have to speculate about whether this might be some sort of unfortunate fluke that leaves an otherwise spotless enterprise with egg on its face.

Have the “conservatives” resisting the use of the “groomer” label forgotten about the concerted effort by gender activists to host drag-queen story hours for little children in taxpayer-funded libraries or “drag-tastic” camps at museums? Have they not seen the pornographic books introducing kids to gay sex and masturbation?

How about government schoolteachers’ documented cult-like allegiance to gay pride? The cover-up of sexual assault resulting from trans bathroom policies? Or the coaxing of children into sex confusion and dangerous gender-bending interventions and then hiding it from their parents?

Have they not heard stories of young people who internalized backward notions about human sexuality during their formative years, were utterly failed by every institution that should have helped them correct course, then underwent destructive procedures that left them full of regret, just disfigured shells of the unique and beautiful people they were created to be?

How about tongue-in-cheek confessions from choruses of gay men that they’ll “convert your children”? Or even manipulation by the president of the United States that those who don’t abide by LGBT orthodoxy “don’t see” and “don’t respect” transgender people and that so-called gender affirmation is the best way to keep kids “safe and healthy”?

There’s a word for adults who build trust with children then condition them in sexual matters without their parents’ consent or knowledge in order to manipulate them for their own pleasure: It’s groomer.

Not All Groomers Are Pedophiles

Of course, the left-wing media, joined by the National Reviews and Trump-crazed of the world, will call this a “smear” and say that it’s an exaggeration that serves only to minimize the horrific experiences of victims of pedophiles. We’re “redefining grooming,” they say, “and slinging false accusations of sympathy for pedophilia.”

Except we’re not. You don’t have to be a pedophile to be a sexual groomer of children. And the type of child sexualization and exploitation occurring in kindergartens through high schools across the country represents the hallmarks of grooming. It’s all right there.

Below is the “groomer” explainer on the American Bar Association website, which also says that “sexual grooming key elements” include “targeting the victim, securing access to and isolating the victim, gaining the victim’s trust, and controlling and concealing the relationship,” all of which happen too easily in school settings.

Check out these grooming behaviors to see if any of them ring a bell:

According to the website ChildHelp, which seeks to prevent child abuse, “grooming includes … gaining trust and access … playing a role in the child’s life, isolating the child, [and] creating secrecy around the relationship.” It goes on to say that signs of grooming include “showing pornography to a child” and “talking about sexual topics that are not age appropriate.”

Joel Barry, the managing editor of The Babylon Bee (which has been censored for truthful statements about sex and gender), put it correctly when he said, “Most teachers aren’t themselves pedophiles, but they are working in a pedophilic system designed to make kids more exploitable—both politically and sexually.” He continued:

They aren’t grooming kids for a specific pedophile, necessarily. They’re grooming them for a system of pedophilia — which in the long run will result in horrors we can’t comprehend. Find your courage and stop it.

“System of pedophilia” isn’t conspiratorial; it’s an apt way to describe a depraved culture that preys upon its children — in the womb, in entertainment, in the classroom, online, during global pandemics, and anywhere else self-serving adults can exploit children to accomplish their political, social, and sexual ends.

The ridiculous “groomer” tut-tutting is just the latest friendly fire from the dwindling faction of used-to-be-conservatives who care more about getting published in The Atlantic than in defending the rights of parents and their vulnerable children. According to many of them, you’re too sensitive about censorship, not concerned enough about decorum, secretly racist, not a faithful enough Christian, and now too sensitive to child exploitation.

But we know what grooming looks like, and if we’re too afraid to call it what it is, what the hell are we conserving?