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Deep State Operatives Are Lying To Americans And The Press About Intelligence Because They Can

deep state admits it lies on NBC
Image CreditNBC News/YouTube

U.S. deep-state operatives are lying about the legitimacy of sensitive national security intelligence to secure political outcomes.

Under President Joe Biden’s direction, intelligence officials have begun a declassifying spree that leverages information “even when the confidence in the accuracy of the information wasn’t high” to influence foreign and domestic policy. The Biden administration is using “rarely definitive” intelligence to deal with foreign threats such as Russia and China.

“The administration has done so even when the intelligence wasn’t rock solid, officials said, to keep Russian President Vladimir Putin off balance,” argues an article penned by Ken Dilanian, NBC’s intelligence and national security correspondent, and others.

Even NBC noted that “it doesn’t even have to be solid intelligence when we talk about it,” but it just has to do what the administration wants.

“It’s more important to get out ahead of them, Putin specifically, before they do something. It’s preventative,” NBC News anchor Alison Morris said.

Dilanian claimed in his article that so far, U.S. intelligence officials, the same ones who admitted to lying, say the strategy is working. He argued that “intelligence is rarely definitive,” which should excuse the Biden administration’s overeagerness to push it regardless of legitimacy.

Others, however, say that these intentional leaks have exposed the administration’s “dangerous weakness” in dealing with sworn enemies.

The intelligence community has a history of manipulating and distorting narratives to harm political enemies both foreign and domestic.

Just one month before the 2020 election, more than 50 intelligence officials signed a letter designed to throttle the Hunter Biden laptop story by smearing it as Russian disinformation. During the 2016 election cycle, spy agencies such as the FBI used the discredited Steele Dossier to justify their espionage against the Trump campaign.

The corporate press readily accepts these unsubstantiated claims at face value because it sullies their political opponents. When “unnamed intelligence sources” fed false assertions that Russia offered members of the Taliban bounties in exchange for killing American soldiers in 2020, the media repeated the information as gospel truth and used it to fuel their anti-Trump narratives ahead of the 2020 election.

Over and over, U.S. intelligence agencies have betrayed the trust of the American people and capitalized on the corporate media’s bias to push false narratives. 

The most recent confession from U.S. spies shows that the American intelligence community will twist any narrative as long as benefits the deep state’s political agenda. Right now, that means using shaky information to escalate U.S. involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

CIA Director William Burns admitted as much in a congressional hearing last month when he said the actions were justified because “in all the years I spent as a career diplomat, I saw too many instances in which we lost information wars with the Russians.”

Releasing intelligence backed by little confidence, a lack of evidence, and low likelihood of credibility, Burns said, “has been a real benefit, I think, to Ukrainians.”