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Corrupt Media Predictably Hype Biden’s Dishonest SOTU Speech

Biden’s address was a disaster but the corrupt corporate media predictably gushed over it and tried to spin his terrible track record.


President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address was nothing short of a disaster but the corrupt corporate media predictably gushed over it and tried to spin his terrible track record.

Pundits gladly harped on Republican Reps. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene shouting during Biden’s speech but when it came to fact-checking the lies pouring out of the president’s mouth, most of the corrupt press fell short.

The same corporate media outlets that eagerly fact-checked every minute of former President Donald Trump’s addresses and tweets were suddenly silent on the falsehoods in Biden’s lie-riddled speech.

CNN, as usual, was one of the greatest offenders with analysts and hosts who, despite running an article noting inconsistencies in both Biden and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’s speeches, had nothing but praise for the president.

“Biden made a deliberate attempt to reach out to Republicans during the address. The most overt attempt was perhaps when he repeatedly said ‘fund the police,'” CNN’s Oliver Darcy wrote in the Reliable Sources newsletter. He also gave a shoutout to the NeverTrumper and Russian collusion hoaxer Jonah Goldberg for being an “honest conservative commentator” and eating up Biden’s “fund the police” line.

Jake Tapper also gushed over Biden’s speech and said it was “strong.”

“I have to say, considering his speaking talents and challenges, it was a fairly solid performance,” Tapper commentated. “That is quintessential Biden, and he saved it for the end, ‘the State of the Union is strong because you the American people are strong.’ Very Biden.” Tapper has apparently forgotten that it was Trump four years ago who said “the state of our Union is strong because our people are strong.”

CNN political contributor Van Jones took his flattery further and declared that “Uncle Joe is back.”

“I thought he was being the leader – nobody believes in these American ideals more than Joe Biden. It showed tonight. He has spent his entire career standing for American unity at home. He stood for that. And for American ideals abroad. I have not seen unity in this country like I saw at the beginning of that speech, and I don’t want to step on that. … I was impressed with the energy,” Jones said.

“I am proud tonight we have a leader like him,” Jones added. Former Obama adviser David Axelrod said he agreed with Jones’s analysis.

“I thought it was very energetic, I thought, I appreciated the fact that he said this isn’t just about ideals. It’s also about our security, and I think that is a point he has to make again and again and again,” Axelrod noted.

Other CNN talking heads took to Twitter to suck up to the president and his team.

ABC and CBS pundits also glorified Biden’s speech live on-air.

“Jon, you looked at me halfway through this address and took note that there were very few overt partisan moments where the President went after the other party or things they had done other than the tax cut from the previous administration, but he didn’t mention the former president by name,” ABC’s David Muir told chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl.

Karl agreed that the address “didn’t have a partisan edge to it.”

 “In fact, the overriding message was one of unity,” Karl claimed.

CBS senior White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe gladly conveyed that his sources at the White House were proud of the president’s efforts to be “bipartisan” promote a “unity agenda.”

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin couldn’t find much to say about Biden’s domestic policy blunders or mid-speech gaffes but gladly praised the president for giving a speech that wasn’t “overly long.”

NBC’s Michael Beshloss said the speech restored his confidence that “we have a President who wants to be leader of the Free World.”

Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert called Biden’s speech “a roller coaster ride of rip roaring reasonableness.”

The New York Times also jumped on the celebratory bandwagon by claiming that Biden “spoke in a strong voice.”

While Joe Biden’s assertion that “the State of the Union is strong” is quite a reach, the corporate media happily carried the White House rhetoric throughout their coverage of the State of the Union because it fits their agenda.

The same favorable press coverage happened last year after Biden delivered his 2021 speech to Congress. Members of the corrupt media were quick to overlook Biden’s unity schemes, empty promises, and statistical lies because they wanted to boost his presidency.