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Ukraine Is One More Problem Biden Tells Americans To Bear


There are apparently not enough problems in the lives of average Americans right now, so we’re supposed to eagerly leap at the chance to stress over one that other people are having 5,000 miles away.

Hyperinflation unseen in decades, Latin America’s destitute pouring over the southern border, obscene levels of violent crime, and the ongoing struggle of parents to get their schools permanently open — all of that isn’t enough. President Joe Biden is ready to saddle us with more.

Speaking last week at the White House, Biden said the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine is now our burden to bear. “I will not pretend this will be painless,” he said. “There could be impact on our energy prices…”

You weren’t too bothered with high gas prices already, were you?

To be sure you heard him correctly, Biden said again on Tuesday that “defending freedom will have costs for us as well, here at home.”

And now Russia and Ukraine are all that the media are talking about, as if we aren’t separated by all of Western Europe and the entire Atlantic Ocean.

It’s not that Russia’s invasion of a small, fragile country doesn’t matter. It’s that Americans are supposed to feel anything but resentment over yet one more problem while enduring every other spirit-crushing entanglement either created or exacerbated by Democrats controlling Congress and the White House.

Was it not an option to first address all the murder, skyrocketing prices, and the endless COVIDiocy, and maybe then ask that we feel the Ukraine-Russia pinch?

Apparently not. A conflict in Eastern Europe that’s been going on for more than 30 years is something you’re supposed to consider just as important to your family as the soaring costs of groceries.

The Washington Post on Thursday did its damndest to explain why, exactly, getting in the business of Ukraine should be of utmost concern to all Americans, even though we would be “understandably” hesitant. “We already suffer from problems,” the paper said. Our interest is, however, according to the Post, “the peace and stability of Europe.”

That’s it. That’s the reason. If you aren’t overwhelmed with a sense of patriotism, an antsy readiness to feel more pain than you already do, well, the media don’t know what to tell you.

Again, “peace and stability” abroad is a good thing. The problem is that Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party have created multiple disasters in our own country and now we’re supposed to take on another nation’s chaos, too.

I’m sure you’re okay with that. You’ve been doing fine anyway.