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Why Do 15% Of Voters Still Believe The Corrupt Corporate Media Tells The Truth?

corrupt corporate media
Image CreditCottonbro / Pexels

Fake news outlets have given the people zero reasons to believe their drivel, so why isn’t trust in corporate media even lower?


Trust in corporate media is at an all-time low, but too many Americans still believe the corrupt press even though they are characterized by lying for political gain.

A new poll from The Federalist and Susquehanna Polling & Research out on Friday found that at least 75 percent of American voters rightfully don’t trust the corrupt press because outlets “mispresent the facts to push a political agenda.” According to the same poll, 15 percent of likely voters still do believe the corporate media tells the truth when communicating news to its readers and viewers.

Fake news outlets have given the people zero reasons to believe they have Americans’ best interests at heart so why isn’t trust in corporate media even lower?

For years, media outlets staffed by leftists and pedophiles have used their influence to change political tides in their favor. Corporate media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and more have proven they exist to serve Democrats. Their sleazy attempts to craft false narratives became extra apparent during the 2016 election cycle when then-candidate Donald Trump gained popularity for calling out the “fake news” media.

Trump was one of the few 2016 candidates willing to criticize the companies that 58 percent of Americans say have become the enemy of the people, and for his boldness, the media slandered him. For years, corporate media reporters and pundits who knew better helped craft and amplify the Russian collusion hoax in hopes that they could shift the nation’s affinity for Trump toward their preferred candidate. When word got out that their precious Steele dossier was bogus, the corrupt press did not recant their abhorrent coverage but doubled down on it.

During Trump’s presidency, the corporate media relentlessly lied about what he said, what he did, his allies, and his Supreme Court nominees, even going so far as to spread conspiracy theories about whether the Republican used a digital background in a video addressing Americans following his bout with Covid-19.

While the corporate media readily smear and lie about conservatives and Trump, they worship the ground Democrats walk on. When President Joe Biden assumed office in January of 2021, the corrupt press tripped over each other to offer him resounding praise, glowing profiles, and fluffy coverage featuring fun facts about his favorite ice cream flavors.

Even before the 2020 election, multiple outlets ran interference for the Biden campaign by repeatedly refusing to cover the Hunter Biden laptop scandal because, in their eyes, “it doesn’t amount to much.” When Big Tech also censored the major New York Post story that had the potential to change voters’ minds about casting a ballot for Biden, these same media outlets pumped out defenses of the digital nuking.

In just the last two years, corporate media downplayed the destruction and violence caused by rioters during the 2020 summer of rage, misrepresented the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, cheered on fake fact-checks attempting to silence discussions about election integrity and the Wuhan lab leak theory, which most Americans believe, fearmongered about the coronavirus, and covered up the sins of its own pundits and their kin.

When Americans complained about inflation and the supply-chain crisis, corporate media published articles demanding that citizens “stop shopping.” When Americans in southern states expressed worry about the surging number of border apprehensions thanks to Biden’s crisis, the Democrat media tried to distract them with a fake whipping story.

It’s alarming that 15 percent of American voters still trust the propagandists who run the corrupt press. Fake news outlets don’t care that their work is sloppy because their objective isn’t spreading the truth. It’s controlling the narrative and maintaining power.