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Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust Ignorance Controversy Is Kind Of Like White Supremacy, Says Washington Post Writer

Whoopi Goldberg
Image CreditABC7 / YouTube

It was so easy to ignore the Whoopi Goldberg controversy (since when did being an ignorant cohost on ABC’s “The View” become newsworthy, let alone a great offense?) but then the Washington Post published the headline, “Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust comments show why we need critical race analysis.”

Race hustlers see opportunity everywhere.

Post writer Karen Attiah, who has talked publicly about calling for “revenge” against white women, wrote in the column Thursday that Goldberg was obviously wrong to assert this week that the Holocaust “isn’t about race” because “these are two white groups of people.” But, Attiah said, “Goldberg’s misguided rant shows why there is a need for including critical race-based analysis of how we teach world history. By silencing her, ABC demonstrates how American media continues to show a near-complete inability to responsibly interrogate whiteness and White Christian supremacy.”

Goldberg is a high school dropout who once joked about cooking a recipe called “Jewish American Princess Fried Chicken.” There is absolutely nothing that “including critical race-based analysis” in how we “teach world history” would have done for her.

The show host apologized for what she said but was suspended for two weeks by ABC anyway. Attiah said the corporation should have instead “provided a space to educate Goldberg and the rest of its audience about the centuries-old history of global white supremacy, and to push back on current efforts to marginalize the voices of the oppressed.”

Yes, if there’s one thing this country needs, it’s a space on national TV for the public to get lectured about white supremacy. It’s never been done before. A truly innovative concept. In fact, outside of CNN, MSNBC, every columnist at The New York Times and The Washington Post and the 80 Oscar-nominated movies each year about slavery, Americans have no authoritative source on the subject. It’s a national embarrassment.

In any event, “critical race analysis,” otherwise known as “critical race theory,” and most appropriately, “critical race ideology,” isn’t controversial and upsetting to so many because it would uncover an ugly and uncomfortable past. It’s not a curriculum or an alternative version of historical events. It’s opposed precisely because it’s not fact-based at all, but merely a worldview as to how people should feel about race. Namely, that white people should feel a never-ending sense of guilt and need for atonement and that black people should feel ultimately helpless in overcoming obstacles to success.

Critical race ideology is how you end up with leftist attorney generals who effectively legalize crime by declining to prosecute offenses overwhelmingly committed by blacks. The system that created the would-be criminals, so the ideology goes, is a product of “white supremacy” and therefore invalid. It’s how you end up with prominent journalists who claim that rampant homophobia among American black men is the fault of whites.

Adopting that view doesn’t change the facts of the Holocaust and it doesn’t uncover new information about the world.

Goldberg was, more likely than not, misinformed about the German Nazis’ pursuit of a “master race,” which didn’t include the Jews, even if they were fair-skinned. Her decision to cling to her initial remarks before her apology (despite the stakes for just admitting she said something stupid being comically low) wouldn’t have been remedied by learning more about how terrible white people should feel at present.

Goldberg didn’t need new race ideology literature. She needed “Mein Kampf.”

Sorry, Attiah. Goldberg’s lack of basic grade-school knowledge isn’t a reason to make white guilt part of public education curricula.