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Leaked Biden Plan Would House Violent Men In Women’s Prison Cells

Biden’s proposed executive order on law enforcement would order men identifying as women to be transferred to female prisons.


President Joe Biden is preparing to give every rapist and molester in federal prison a get-out-of-jail-free card. Specifically, Biden is offering to transfer any and all male criminals to women’s prisons. All the men will have to do is say that they feel like a woman, and the Biden administration will take them at their word.

This policy may be the worst part of a proposed executive order on law enforcement, a draft of which was obtained by The Federalist. Most of the proposal is devoted to, if not defunding the police, at least disarming and disabling them.

But buried toward the end of the extensive planned action to get soft on crime is a small paragraph of anodyne bureaucratic language that orders the U.S. attorney general to “within 30 days of the date of this order, begin the process of identifying any necessary changes to the [Bureau of Prisons] Transgender Offender Manual … to enable BOP to designate individuals to facilities in accordance with their gender identity.”

In short, under this executive order, the federal government will house criminals based on subjective, self-declared “gender identity” rather than biological sex. Male rapists, child molesters, and other sexual criminals will be allowed to live in women’s prisons, and because the transgender ideology embraced by the Biden administration claims gender identity is purely internal, they will be allowed in regardless of whether they still possess fully functional male genitalia.

This move toward co-ed prisons will result in male sexual predators exploiting the system in order to abuse and rape female prisoners. We know this because it has already happened in places these proposals have been enacted.

For example, Caroline Downey of National Review Online recently published a piece detailing alleged rapes and sexual assaults within the Washington state prison system, which has begun housing men in female prisons. The story suggests that such incidents are being covered up, presumably due to prison officials eager to placate their political overlords.

The same problems have arisen in California, which houses male prisoners who claim a female “gender identity” in women’s prisons. In response to reports of rape and abuse, the feminist Women’s Liberation Front, which rejects transgender ideology, has filed a federal lawsuit against the state.

As Brittany Bernstein reports: “Plaintiff Krystal Gonzalez says she was sexually assaulted by a biological male who was transferred to Central California Women’s Facility under the law. According to the suit, when Gonzalez filed a complaint and requested to be housed away from men the prison’s response called her alleged attacker a ‘transgender woman with a penis.’” Perhaps no phrase sums up the current state of liberal ideology as “woman with a penis.”

In the United Kingdom, placing the phallically-endowed in women’s prisons has produced such horrific results that even the leftists at The Guardian admit that some “mistakes were made.” But that has not been enough to stop the trend, and now female prisoners are being threatened with extra time for calling “transgender inmates ‘he’ or ‘him.’”

Now, Joe Biden and his officials are eager to follow these examples. The Democratic Party, along with most of our nation’s ruling class, has embraced transgender ideology and is eager to enforce it. The public, meanwhile, is realizing that what was sold as just being nice as Bruce became Caitlyn extends to transitioning children, allowing men to dominate women’s sports, and now allowing male rapists and murderers to write their own ticket into women’s prisons.

As these examples show, transgender ideology is misogynistic. The heart of this misogyny is transgenderism’s hatred for the biological reality of human sexual dimorphism. Thus, transgenderism disdains and tries to erase recognition of the special vulnerability that women bear in consequence of human physical embodiment.

Women are, on average, physically weaker than men. Furthermore, human reproduction imposes much heavier burdens and risks on women than it does on men.

Consequently, civilization consists, to a very great extent, of training men to treat women as people, not prey. It is a mark of civilization that even women who have forfeited their freedom are still protected from male sexual predation. Such efforts are always imperfect, but it is a definitive sign of a relapse into savagery to deliberately allow male criminals access to female prisoners.

This indifference to female vulnerability demonstrates the casual cruelty of transgender ideologues, who are too enraptured with intellectual fantasies to be bothered by the real suffering they inflict. Also, contrary to his campaign promises to be a moderate, return-to-normalcy president, Biden is governing as a hard-left ideologue.

There was a time when putting men into women’s prisons would have been the punchline to a bad Biden campaign trail joke. Now, it’s his policy, and if it is enacted, some of the most vulnerable women in our nation will suffer for it.