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Domenech: American Elites Are Selling The Nation’s Soul To Communist China

Ben Domenech
Image CreditFox News/Photo

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said that Americans should not have to accept or approve communist China’s actions in exchange for keeping the “American way of life.”

“The enemies of the American way seek to stoke our divisions, schisms, and sicknesses in pursuit of their own agenda. They use all the tools at their disposal: money, manipulation, and even open propaganda to weaken our country in every way,” Domenech said. “But those urging us toward national suicide don’t just come from within. They are backed from abroad, and no foreign power is a better friend, ally, and master of this effort to drive America to suicide than the Communist Party of China.”

As Domenech notes, communist China uses its influence on “our businesses, our sports, our education, our press, and our government” to move its agenda forward.

“We shouldn’t be surprised by this; they are communists, after all, subversion is what they do. And they get bored subjugating their own people, but China is doing this with the active cooperation of our fellow Americans,” Domenech said. “Their partners in this project aren’t just malevolent spies manipulating doofus California congressman. It’s none other than our own cultural business and academic elites who they have bought and paid for a thousand times over. Our elites now operate hand-in-glove with the Communist Party of China, doing its bidding even when it harms the freedoms and rights that are the birthright of every American.”

While many U.S. icons and institutions have bowed to the will of the CCP, Domenech noted that this year, the Women’s Tennis Association “refused the cowardice of every other relevant sporting body on the planet, and suspended its Chinese operations.”

“They lost out on huge revenue and growth opportunities. Why? Because there was something the communists could not buy from them: decency, dignity, and the truth,” Domenech said. “Are you getting it yet? Do you see how the nexus between our corrupt elites at home and the Communist Party of China abroad makes them effectively the same threat? Do you see that fighting one means fighting them both? Consider, why does the Communist Party of China care so much about subverting and ending American freedom?”

Domenech said the CCP will use its “American partners” to control “incorrect thinking and viewpoints.”

“This is the biggest threat facing America today. Not Russia, not Islamic terrorism, not even the very real threats on our southern border. This external threat is existential because it is amplified by its alliance with a major internal threat facing America: the malign union of leftist authoritarian elites who seek to corrode this country from within,” Domenech said.

Domenech said the culture war in the U.S. and the fight against communist China are one and the same.

“The monolithic union of American and communist Chinese interests in money that has dominated our national life for the past generation must end,” Domenech said. “The enemy is here, now. He commands the heights of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street. He is poisoning our people in body and mind. He may put Jeff Bezos over his need to demand only five-star reviews, but he does not command us. We are Americans. We are wide awake, and we are ready to fight for our schools, for our governance, for our culture. The future does not belong to you and neither do we. Our minds are free and they are not for sale.”