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J6 Convict On TikTok: If I Can Lose 30 Lbs. During My 60 Days In Jail, It Will Be Worth It

Jenna Ryan said she’s not looking forward to a ‘crappy time’ in prison but is staying positive to enjoy her ‘beautiful life on the other side of this.’


A Texas realtor charged after going to the Capitol on Jan. 6 for what she thought was a “peaceful political march” said she plans to lose weight and become a better person while she serves her prison sentence.

Jenna Ryan was fined $1,500 and sentenced to 60 days in a Texas prison beginning early next year after she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of “parading on Capitol grounds” last month.

“Sentenced to 60 days prison for 2 mins 8 sec in doorway,” Ryan’s Twitter bio states.

In a recent video posted to her TikTok account, Ryan explained that if she can lose approximately 30 pounds working out while she’s serving her time, “then it will be worth going to prison for 60 days.”

“I have to report to prison, and the only thing that I can see that’s good about having to go to prison is that I’m going to be able to work out a lot and do a lot of yoga and detox,” she explained while she posed in front of a mirror in her workout clothes. “You have to look at the bright side of everything you do, and that’s what I’m trying to do. So wish me luck!”

In a subsequent video, Ryan explained that she’s not looking forward to a “crappy, crappy time” in prison but is trying to stay positive to enjoy her “beautiful life on the other side of this.”

I’m going to go through hell. It’s going to be awful going to prison, but I’m a very positive person and so I tried to look at the bright side of everything,” Ryan said. “And the only benefit of going to prison is that I’ll be able to read books — that’s all there is to do: read books, and work out. So that’s what I plan to do: I plan to read books, work out, become a better person, really work on myself, and make the best of a horrible, horrible situation.”

Ryan said that while “this is absolutely the worst experience I have ever endured” and admitted that she often cries herself to sleep at night, she’s not going to give up fighting.

I’m the kind of person that gets up and fights and keeps going and keeps trying. And every day that I’m in prison, I’m going to set my intention to become a better person, a smarter person by reading wonderful books. I’m going to become more faithful to God by reading my Bible. I’m going to work out, work on my body, and really have an opportunity to not do the things that you can do whatever you’re out here in civilization.”