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How To See If Critical Race Theory Is In Your Kids’ School—And Fight It


The left avoids the term “critical race theory” and instead uses terms like social justice, equity, diversity training, anti-racism, culturally responsive pedagogy, anti-bias, inclusion, and more. Businesses, colleges, government institutions, and school districts around the country have developed their own, unique titles for this type of teaching and training.

This makes it easy for the left to say things like: “We’re not teaching CRT” or “CRT is a term made up by Republicans” or “CRT is a QAnon/right wing conspiracy theory.” While these institutions may not always openly label their extremist ideas about race critical race theory, we all know it is alive and well. It’s not new. And the left is engaged in a game of semantics.

I guess we should thank lockdowns for bringing classrooms into our homes and allowing parents and citizens all over the country to see exactly what is being taught to American children. Students of all ages are being taught racism under the guise of equity, social justice, and all the rest. These teachings have opened our eyes to the indoctrination going on in every level of our society.

“Why don’t you want justice?”

“Don’t you think equity and inclusion are a good thing?”

I’ve had this exact conversation with the high school principal at the school two of my children attend. Yes, I want justice. Yes, I want to include people. But that’s not what is going on here.

What the schools are doing is making children pay for the sins of their ancestors. They’re teaching kids that a person can pick his sex, and there’s an unlimited number of genders and sexual identities to choose from.

This is not appropriate for school. Folks are welcome to think and do whatever they want, but they do not have authority or permission to push this extremism onto other people’s children. We, as parents and citizens are seeing it firsthand, and we’re not having it anymore!

The Biden administration recently walked back its public support for the Abolitionist Teaching Network, a group that pushes CRT and calls on educators to “disrupt whiteness.” Biden’s Department of Education included information and resources from this organization in its return-to-school guidelines. Realizing the public relations error in what they had done, thanks to Fox News for exposing them, they distanced themselves.

But it was too late. They said the quiet part out loud. They said what we already know: CRT is the agenda and it’s not new, it’s just more blatant. So, what do we do?

If your school district is anything like mine, they don’t call it CRT and they insist people who use that term are crazy, right-wing conspiracy theorists. Start by finding out what your school district calls it—usually you can find it on the district website.

It will be concealed as a number of different things. Most common is something including “social justice,” “equity and diversity,” “multicultural education,” or “social-emotional learning,” which is the most deceptive because it doesn’t sound like it involves race at all!

Once you learn what they call it, start using their terminology. Fight fire with fire. Find a teacher in your school district who isn’t on board with this kind of teaching. Maybe you can get that teacher to share with you what curriculum the school is using.

Sometimes the district isn’t using a specific curriculum, though. In my experience, teachers can be left to source their lessons from any resources they see fit. This is particularly dangerous, considering many school districts are hiring activist teachers, who are self-proclaimed experts in “racial education” and are usually involved with movements like Black Lives Matter.

Talk to your children. The best thing we can do is instruct our own children. Teach them the truth and arm them with facts about CRT so they know how to identify it in school and can report back to you.

Then what? Expose it. Send what you find to conservative media. Post it on social media. Go to the school board meetings and speak, email the board. Send the information to all your parent friends and ask them to make calls and send emails as well.

Most of all, let the school know your student will not participate in these lessons. Tell the school they need to find an alternative assignment or they can just excuse your child altogether. Our children do not need to be subjected to this training to be successful in life, so don’t worry about sports or college or whatever you think they won’t be able to do if they miss class.

Friends, this is a war, and we have to fight strategically. That’s what the left does, and it’s time for us to catch up. It’s time for us to be smarter and beat them at their own game.

It’s difficult to do with such an emotionally charged issue, but if we can take a step back, look at it from a higher level, and approach this strategically, we can and we will win the battle for the soul of our country.