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U.S. Air-Force Base In Ohio Pushing Leftist Propaganda As ‘Diversity’

The base’s diversity and inclusion executive board praised President Joe Biden for reinstating critical race theory in federal agency trainings.


The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base outside of Dayton, Ohio is using its “Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter” to push leftist propaganda on its members and the civilians who contract with the base.

Despite the U.S. military’s pledge to be non-partisan, the Wright-Patterson propaganda newsletters first began last year, shortly after the death of George Floyd, and have been consistently delivered into the inboxes of hundreds of people affiliated with the air force base. In the first 2021 quarter edition obtained by The Federalist, the base’s diversity and inclusion executive board praised President Joe Biden for reinstating critical race theory in federal agency training.

“The recension of Executive Order 13950 brings renewed promise and excitement for the Training subcommittee,” the newsletter states. “They can now forge ahead with offering training for leaders and the whole PK workforce. Training, lectures, and seminars on workplace culture; racial and gender equality; equity in leadership, and flexibility in the workplace all designed to continue to educate and challenge us!”

The Diversity and Inclusion Council also urged more participation from those reading the memo, because “diversity is the one thing we all have in common, let’s take the time to connect, embrace and celebrate!”

The six-page document also featured columns highlighting and lauding the new administration’s cabinet picks and other Democrats such as Vice President Kamala Harris, new Georgia Democrat Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, and even failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who is known for being a Democrat operative focused on pushing progressive talking points, lying about the GOP, and boosting leftist politicians. The bottom sections of the document encouraged readers to lean into local black history with links to multiple diversity and Black History Month resources.

The second and most recent 2021 quarter edition obtained by The Federalist takes the identity rhetoric one step farther by using buzzwords such as “equity” and brushing off concerns about “wokeness” to push LGBTQ talking points.

“Don’t think being an Ally or being ‘woke’ forces you to give up anything,” the eight-page newsletter states. “Actually actively participating and advocating for inclusivity is the act of improving everything.”

The authors of the newsletter also brought attention to a recent survey showing that the service branch needed to improve its awareness about “climate and equity issues in many areas.”

This particular edition of the mid-year newsletter hones in on “sexual diversity,” choosing to use the month of June to promote “LGBTQ rights.”

“What Are Personal Pronouns and Why Do They Matter?” one of the column headlines reads. A subsequent column instructs readers on “How to use Pronouns” in their email signatures to make a “great move toward inclusivity.”

“When a cisgender person (personal and gender identity match with birth sex) specifies their pronouns, it normalizes it. By normalizing it, it allows trans and nonbinary to feel comfortable sharing their own,” the newsletter states. “Considering to most cisgender people these are just words we use unthinkingly, but a sign of respect and recognition to trans and nonbinary people, it can’t hurt to start using them to help validate their inclusion in our workforce.”

The next page of the newsletter is devoted entirely to promoting and celebrating “Pride Month.”

“Pride Month is so important because it marks the start of huge change within the LGBTQ community, as well as the wider societal implications,” the newsletter states. “Although attitudes and injustice remain, we have come a long way since the riots of 1969 and by continuing in this long-standing tradition, we continue to raise awareness, improve the attitudes of society and encourage inclusiveness.”

Wright-Patterson did not respond to a request for comment.

The newsletters aren’t the only partisan, propaganda-like content the Air Force appears to be promoting. Plastered all over multiple U.S. Air Force webpages are videos, opinion editorials, and even resources advancing a leftist definition of “diversity. One video claims that race-focused diversity, inclusion, and equity programming are required to make people feel like they are “being invited to,” “attending,” and “being asked to dance at the party.”

The Air Force is not the only U.S. military branch that has come under fire for becoming “identity-obsessed” and pushing political agendas. Just last month, the U.S. Army released a new recruiting ad featuring a female corporal who joined the Army after being raised by “two moms” and growing up advocating for the LGBTQ agenda.

A couple of weeks later, a U.S. Space Force special unit commander was fired after he discussed the infiltration of Marxist ideology into the U.S. military on a podcast. In the recording, Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier is heard expressing his concerns that the U.S. military enacts policies that appeal to leftists over other ideologies or parties. He specifically noted that race-driven curricula and other far-left campaigns in the military are hurting opportunities for unity.