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Hemingway: Polling Isn’t The Problem, Intentionally False Media Polls Are The Problem

There are many ways the media can rig an election, Mollie Hemingway noted on Fox News, and playing games with polling is just one of them.


The media once again failed in their election coverage by intentionally amplifying corrupt polls and preconceived narratives, while ignoring the few pollsters who did accurately predict the electorate’s support for President Donald Trump, noted Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway on Wednesday.

“These polls were off by such a great amount, but not all polls. There were a few pollsters who actually got things right, which shows that it was possible to look at this race accurately,” Hemingway said on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday night. “But the media narrative — that this was an impossible win for Donald Trump, that the Senate was going to the Democrats, that Democrats would gain more seats in the House — every single part of that was wrong, and demonstrably wrong.”

RealClearPolitics Co-Founder Tom Bevan joined Hemingway in noting that some polling groups like Trafalgar and Susquehanna did accurately predict a close race for President Trump, but said corporate media only amplified their preferred polls predicting a Joe Biden win.

“There was another set of pollsters who saw this idea that it was a Biden blowout. They misjudged the electorate,” Bevan said. “Then you throw on top of that the media and the pundits which made the same mistake they made in 2016, which was to ignore and marginalize the information and the data points they didn’t agree with, and glom onto all the data points that fit into this preconceived narrative.”

Hemingway said going forward, Americans should consider the media the largest and most unaccountable political activists in the country.

“There are many ways the media can rig an election, by downplaying all of the negatives for their preferred candidate, by ignoring all the positives of their disfavored candidate, playing games with polls, inventing completely fraudulent narratives such as the Russia collusion hoax … all of these things are ways of rigging elections,” she said.