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CNN’s Jake Tapper To The New York Post: Bow To Twitter Censorship And Delete Your Tweet

Tapper reportedly spoke with a Twitter executive about the decision, but merely shrugged at Twitter’s excuse for the blatant censorship.


CNN’s Jake Tapper urged the New York Post to delete their tweets containing links to their bombshell stories revealing potential corruption with the Biden family’s foreign business affairs on Friday.

The Post’s account was locked by Twitter more than two weeks ago for reportedly violating Twitter guidelines, preventing the media outlet from sharing any new articles since then.

Tapper reportedly spoke with a Twitter executive about the decision, but merely shrugged at Twitter’s excuse for the blatant censorship.

“Since Twitter has locked out the NYPost for violating rules that no longer stand as rules (but Twitter won’t revisit past enforcement decisions) the NY Post COULD end this standoff by deleting the tweets that broke the rules (thus unlocking its account) then tweet them out again,” he wrote.

“I asked a Twitter exec if this was possible, he said yes and it would end the whole thing. Probably take 15 seconds,” Tapper continued.

While Tapper acknowledged that Twitter’s refusal to revisit past decisions also means that they have the power to end the standoff, he pinned the burden of change on the Post, chalking up Twitter’s refusal to budge on company policy instead of pushing the Big Tech company about the censorship further.

“And yes twitter could end this immediately as well given that these rules are no longer rules. I’m just suggesting a possible way to end this,” he added, including a gif of a woman in a hoodie and sunglasses flashing two peace signs.


Tapper’s comments signal a larger pattern in mainstream media about willingness to investigate and criticize the Biden family.

While there is plenty of evidence to at least warrant a journalistic investigation of the situation, Tapper’s employer, CNN, and other outlets have failed to cover it.

Not only did they largely ignore the New York Post’s series of bombshell stories, giving them only 15 minutes of airtime combined, but they also failed to recognize the censorship of the article and accounts such as the Post, the Trump campaign, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and others who shared it.

Even when Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s former business partner, came forward confirming the emails in the Post’s story, many legacy media outlets shrugged him off.

In addition to simply ignoring the FBI’s investigation of the laptop mentioned in the Post story and how it is potentially connected to a money-laundering scheme, forensic evidence confirming the emails are real, a whistleblower confirming the emails, and a Senate investigation into the Biden family showing that Hunter Biden took $3.5 million from an ex-Moscow mayor’s wife, the media continue to push the disproven narrative that the story is “Russian disinformation.”

“We have shared no intelligence with Chairman Schiff, or any other member of Congress that Hunter Biden’s laptop is part of some Russian disinformation campaign,” DNI Director John Ratcliffe said on Fox Business. “It’s simply not true.”