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Racist White Guy At Mother Jones Calls Tim Scott And Herschel Walker Uncle Toms

White Progressives are terrified at the idea of black people thinking for themselves.


Some white guy named Tommy Craggs who is the enterprise editor (whatever that is) at Mother Jones has a message for black conservatives like Sen. Tim Scott, former NFL great Herschel Walker, and congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik. Tommy wants them to know that they are being used by racist Republicans who are just dying to say the N-word.

In a piece subtitled, “Your nightly guide to racism at the Republican National Convention,” Craggs calls the black speakers at last night’s convention the GOP’s “black friends.” See, Tommy knows a lot about racism, he’s probably read at least one book about it and he knows better than a black sitting US Senator from the Deep South about what it is.

What was the evidence for this charge of racism? It was Mark and Patricia McCloskey talking about defending their homes and maintaining the suburbs. For progressives like Tommy, if you oppose putting low income housing in the suburbs, you are a racist because apparently all poor people in the United States are black. And that’s it. That is literally all the alleged racism Craggs could find in the convention and on the basis of that he smeared black people as basically traitors to their race being used by evil white Republicans.

It really is shocking that in this day and age, white progressives still feel free to lecture grown black people about what their politics should be when doing so is exactly what these black people, especially Klacik are specifically saying they reject. It could not prove the point more forcefully. Here is a young black woman trying to make a difference in her community by rejecting decades of incompetent Democratic leadership in Baltimore and Craggs thinks she should shut up, stay in her place, and line up behind Joe Biden and the Democrats.

It is becoming clear that the reason progressives are so obsessed with racism is that they are themselves racist. You are not an individual to them unless you are white. White people can be good (progressive) or bad (conservative) just as people, not as a representative of their race. Tim Scott on the other hand, isn’t just bad; he is a foolish puppet who should know better than being used to obscure the alleged racism of those who do not support the left’s agenda. It is frankly disgusting.

I think a good way to work all of this out would be for Tommy Craggs to meet Herschel Walker in person and explain to him why he is an Uncle Tom giving cover to racists who he thinks are his friends. I’m sure Walker would be very grateful. After all, what black person doesn’t want a white progressive lecturing them about what being black means? That’s what white progressives exist for.

Maybe Craggs could also give Walker some tips on how to find the hole on an off-tackle running play; he’s probably an expert on that too. Being as tone deaf and condescending, as Craggs should be shocking, but isn’t. This is who progressives are and they are absolutely terrified that some black people are seeing through their racist charade.