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New York Times: It’s ‘Nativist’ To Say Someone Doesn’t Love America

The New York Times is coming to Tammy Duckworth’s defense by condemning Tucker Carlson as “nativist” for criticizing lies about Trump’s Friday speech.


The New York Times charged Fox News’ Tucker Carlson of espousing nativism Wednesday after the prime time television host criticized Illinois Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who said Americans ought to consider cancelling George Washington and called American heroes honored in Trump’s Friday speech at Mount Rushmore “dead traitors.”

“Tammy Duckworth Confronts Nativist Smears From Tucker Carlson,” blared the Times headline. “Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, a Thai-American Democrat who lost both of her legs fighting the Iraq war and is now a potential vice-presidential nominee, was targeted with nativist smears for the second night in a row on Tuesday by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.”

Carlson however, did no such thing. His rant had nothing to do with where she was born which was in Thailand, and nothing to do with her citizenship, which was granted by having an American father. See for yourself:

If condemning a sitting U.S. senator for reducing famed abolitionists and the father of the country credited for securing the nation’s independence nearly 250 years ago as “dead traitors,” is perpetuating nativist ideology, then the Times is either misunderstanding the concept of “nativism,” or engaging in clear-cut activism in defense of a progressive favorite and advertising it as “news.” Given the Times’ conduct this week, one could reasonably presume both.

The Times’ mischaracterization of a prominent voice on the right as a mouthpiece for xenophobia and racism has since become standard practice in the Trump era, reaching new heights over the weekend when it immediately jumped to label President Donald Trump’s patriotic speech at the base of Mount Rushmore as “dark and divisive.”

Now the legacy paper, which has taken to chastising American patriotism as racist isn’t even hiding its bias anymore now that it is dominated by woke progressives who seemingly can’t handle exposure to alternative opinions as if it were a liberal campus. The Times revealed its intellectual bankruptcy last month when staff aired their grievances publicly over a well-reasoned op-ed published by a Republican senator and combat veteran.

“Send In The Troops,” Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton headlined his piece urging the president to deploy the military to restore law and order to burning cities.

“Running this puts Black @nytimes staffers in danger,” Times staff tweeted, prompting an uproar from its liberal readers and employees who appear no longer interested in the open marketplace of ideas. Predictably, the paper apologized for its publication and ousted the editor responsible.

Just days later, the Times ran another opinion piece calling for the total abolition of community law enforcement.