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CNN Falls For (Another) Hoax Hate Crime


The “noose” found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage was not planted and had been there since 2019. Are you shocked? I’m not shocked.


When it was announced this week that a noose was found in the garage of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, the only full-time black driver on the circuit, every reasonable person who has paid vague attention to the news for the past few years had the same reaction. We all immediately wondered if this was just another hoax like the Jussie Smollet situation. Everyone except CNN, who dove in like Greg Louganis and with similar results.

On Monday the “news” network had at least three interviews with black people associated with NASCAR decrying the abject racism of the incident. It was offered of proof of just how racist the United States still is. The white anchors all showed anguish and horror on their faces as if apologizing for all of white America. How could this happen in 2020?

On Tuesday, it became clear, and the FBI confirmed, that no noose was placed in the garage, and whatever NASCAR thought was a noose had actually been there for months. So if we are asking the question “how could this happen in 2020?” the real subject of the inquiry could be how could CNN run with this story so aggressively when there was every reason in the world to question it.

Another question, and this might be one for their media critic Brian Seltzer who is totally dedicated to weeding out fake news, is whether CNN will spend equal time on Wednesday informing their viewers that they got the story utterly and completely wrong. I’m guessing that will be a no.

I am big believer in blaming incompetence over bad faith when possible. And indeed CNN has yet again proved itself to be about as competent as the Keystone Cops, but it strains credulity to believe that nobody at the network even raised the possibility that the noose thing never actually happened. It is much more likely that they knew the story might fall apart and ran with anyway.

None of these interviews raised the possibility that this could be another in a series of fake stories. That doesn’t fit the CNN narrative. Instead they inserted the story into all of their programs like Lou Reed plunging the dropper at the factory. It would be funny if wasn’t so dangerous and if they were remotely capable of learning from their myriad mistakes which they obviously aren’t.

The Cable Nonsense Network gets more stories wrong than “Fractured Fairy Tales,” and is rightfully considered a joke by anyone of sound mind even remotely paying attention. It is a best a clown car, at worst a cult. The rot here is clearly at the core. No outlet with serious editors or producers would have taken this dubious story at face value, but you know, if it makes conservatives look bad, CNN cares little about the truth. SAD.