Brian Kilmeade On Media Coverage, Riots, And The Alamo

Brian Kilmeade On Media Coverage, Riots, And The Alamo


On this episode of the The Federalist Radio Hour, Brian Kilmeade joined host Ben Domenech to discuss Kilmeade’s most recent book and the state of the media during the pandemic and the recent rioting. Kilmeade is the host of “Fox and Friends” on Fox News and his book, “Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers: The Texas Victory That Changed American History,” is out now.

Kilmeade argued there is no value in rioting and looting, which the media has defended in the name of racial justice. The New York Times specifically, he said, highlighted their lack of diverse opinion in their staff’s comments concerning an article by republican senator Tom Cotton who called for military force to quell the riots.

“As opposed to an insurgent taking down blocks, avoiding cops, using bricks delivered from an unknown source and pick axes in a car without plates. How the h-ll can you not report this insidious insurgency that have infiltrated a legitimate protest?”

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