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Vindman Exaggerated His Resume In Prepared Congressional Statement

Vindman claimed to be the “principal advisor to the National Security Advisor and the president on Ukraine.” Turns out, he’s never spoken to the president.


Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman was caught exaggerating his resume and his role in the White House to congressional lawmakers in Tuesday’s round of public hearings during the Democrats’ partisan impeachment proceedings.

Vindman previously claimed in his opening statement to be the “principal advisor to the National Security Advisor and the president on Ukraine and the other countries in my portfolio.”

When asked about the claim however by Republican Congressman Mike Turner of Ohio, Vindman admitted to having never met, spoken with, or advised the president on anything.

“You’ve never spoken to the president and told him advice on Ukraine,” Turner said.

“That is correct,” Vindman said.

Turner also confirmed that Vindman was not asked to participate in meetings with U.S. officials in Ukraine when he traveled with a delegation to attend the inauguration of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Vindman also alleged in his written statement that Mayor Rudy Giuliani promoted false information undermining U.S. policy on Ukraine, only to again be forced to admit he has never met Giuliani.

“So you’ve never had a conversation with him about Ukraine or been in a meeting with him where he has spoken to other about Ukraine?” Turner asked.

“No, just when I saw his comments on TV…” Vindman said.

Vindman’s lie before the House Intelligence Committee comes as Democrats seek information to perpetuate their latest conspiracy theory to incriminate President Donald Trump on a “high crime and misdemeanor” warranting impeachment.

The televised public hearings however, have turned up no such evidence even after several of the Democrats’ start witnesses have appeared before the committee.

In fact, several witnesses have offered testimony to provide just the opposite.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told the committee that she had no information that the president engaged in any kind of criminal activity.