NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blasts Impeachment Push, Blames Leftists

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blasts Impeachment Push, Blames Leftists

On Wednesday evening at an event on “political civility” with ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered a sharp rebuke of the Democrats’ latest cries for impeachment, blaming “leftist” Democrats for forcing Congress to begin an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Cuomo, a Democrat himself, felt the “quote unquote inquiry” was a result of Democratic radicals in Congress pushing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to engage in an ultimately pointless exercise that would just result in political gridlock. According to Cuomo, “There is a heightened leftist component of the Democratic Party that she was feeling pressure from.”

Cuomo also provided a lengthy catalog of the legislative priorities that would be shoved aside until after the 2020 elections as a result of the futile impeachment process taking front and center.

“It’s a long and unproductive road,” emphasized Cuomo. “Where does it go ultimately? Nowhere.”

Cuomo’s assessment isn’t totally wrong, but he’s not exactly right either. According to latest Marist polling, only 49 percent of polled adults nationally approve the House’s formal launch of an impeachment inquiry. However, 88 percent of Democrats polled support the impeachment inquiry, with support jumping to 93 percent among progressives. Therefore, while it is clear impeachment is quite popular among progressives, it’s likely inaccurate to say the popularity of the impeachment inquiry is limited to the far-left. If anything, it seems the impeachment inquiry, though likely to be a show trial with no removal at the end, is a fan favorite among the Democrats.

Cuomo’s speech reveals the governor’s unawareness of the far-left’s takeover of the Democratic establishment.

Erielle is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA).
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