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Are Prosecutors Finally Taking Down Accused Child Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein In An Effort To Get Trump?


Jeffrey Epstein had every reason to feel that his decades of seeming immunity would continue indefinitely when federal officials intercepted him on his way back from a trip to Paris. He was finally arrested on sex trafficking charges in Teterboro Airport in New Jersey after disembarking from one of his private jets. After he escaped justice for decades, parents of young girls have reason to hope for overdue justice for an operation court documents say recruited and sexually exploited children.

You might not have heard of Epstein, but you will likely know some of the powerful figures he called friends—names like Clinton, Trump, and the duke of York. As noted by Business Insider, Epstein is a college dropout who tutored the son and possibly dated the daughter of the chairman of Bear Sterns. Now reputed to be a billionaire, Business Insider described his path to wealth as “vague” and “murky.”

For some time, he was most notorious for running an alleged prostitution ring, to which he allegedly invited powerful figures. A sham prosecution and sweetheart plea deal in the mid-2000s were not just penalties for turning children into prostitutes. Court documents allege he exploited at least 40 underage girls, some younger than 14 years old, some procured from Eastern Europe, all of whom were somebody’s daughter.

He would prey on up to three children a day, according to his former housekeeper. One child reportedly declined an Epstein invitation because she had soccer practice.

From time to time, the hypocrisy of the two-tiered justice system becomes so unbearable that even the privileged left must revoke the de facto immunity of one of its members to appease we incensed serfs. “It’s quite likely that some of our faves are implicated,” Christine Pelosi warned her fellow Democrats in the wake of Epstein’s arrest.

Epstein was widely known as the billionaire (or perhaps merely a millionaire) who built a network that mass-produces a stream of under-age girls pressed into prostitution to be delivered like pizzas to his mansions and vacation destinations. According to the indictment, Epstein allegedly kept the more promising children as recruiters to help maintain a constant assembly line destroying the fragile childhood innocence of his victims.

More than ten years ago, the walls seemed to be closing in on Epstein until the magic of money and influence left him nearly unscathed. As recently as December 2018, as the final preparations were being made for a civil trial in which the victims would lay bare Epstein’s exploitation of children, he paid off the victims, some of whom carried the humiliation of his predation for decades before receiving any recognition.

When one considers elite names like Weinstein, Cosby, Jackson, Fairfax, and Clinton, it becomes apparent that the immunity that comes with elite status seemed the point, not the sex itself. The Southern District of New York has now deployed Maurene Comey as a prosecutor against Epstein, in a clear signal that Epstein has had his elite-status immunity revoked. What happened to cause that?

Maurene Comey is the daughter of the self-appointed gatekeeper of America’s two-tiered justice system himself: former FBI director James Comey. Her involvement may also be a sign that Epstein’s fall has something to do with the man who fired the prosecutor’s father: Donald Trump.

One secret to Epstein’s success might have been an insurance policy he took out just in case the privileged left ever considered revoking his membership in their justice-suspension club: videos. ZeroHedge reports that Epstein wired his mansion with hidden cameras and secretly recorded orgies involving high-profile friends with underage girls and that he’s saved these recordings for blackmail.

As agents slapped the handcuffs on Epstein in the New Jersey airport, other agents broke into his Manhattan home to execute a search warrant. If those recordings were in Epstein’s New York home, they’re now in the hands of the SDNY. The SDNY, it should be remembered, played a crucial role in acquiring the audio recordings of Trump speaking to his lawyer Michael Cohen (some of which were leaked to The New York Times.)

Was Epstein’s library of blackmail recordings the real target of the prosecution? Consider that the SDNY is using its Public Corruption Unit, causing one commentator to note that “It could mean that a public official is being investigated or will be charged with Epstein.”

Epstein kept a book of contacts of some of the most famous elites. Mixed in with the names of accomplices are famous actors, lawyers, and big politicians.

One of those names, Bill Clinton, took repeated (26) trips on Epstein’s private passenger jet, nicknamed by Virgin Island locals as the “Lolita Express” because it was known to ferry Epstein and his powerful friends to sexually exploit children on a 78-acre retreat. The U.S. Secret Service has resisted multiple Freedom of Information Act requests for records of Clinton receiving taxpayer-funded protection while on trips with Epstein.

The New York Times recently drew several connections between the Epstein prosecution and a larger strategy by the SDNY to get Trump. It noted that Trump’s current labor secretary, Alexander Acosta, brokered the highly controversial deal that spared Epstein more than 10 years ago. Some are now calling for a reexamination of Acosta’s actions leading up to that deal.

The Times further reported that Trump was a friend of Epstein’s. Trump’s name also appeared in the Epstein contact book.

In 2002, before the sexual abuse allegations against Epstein were widely known, Trump was quoted by the New Yorker: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Indeed, the president’s affiliation with Epstein has become part of the narrative for the arrest (here, here, here, and here, for example).

This is not the first time Epstein was seen as a potential weapon against Trump. The Washington Times reported that none other than Fusion GPS attempted to tie Trump to Epstein by pitching the story to journalists. If Trump is featured in any of the Epstein recordings, even if it’s an innocuous social interaction with this now-toxic figure, we can anticipate a public airing at the moment of greatest effect. Stay tuned.

Errors regarding the timing of Epstein’s alleged criminal behavior have been corrected in this article.