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Twitter Hashtag Calls For Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Resign Over Border Misinformation

AOC claimed that CBP officers were sexually and physically threatening her and that illegal immigrants were told to drink from toilet bowls.


New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) visited southern border facilities this past week.

Prior to her visit, AOC called Custom and Border Portal facilities “concentration camps,” which received intense backlash due to its obvious comparison to the Holocaust.

AOC made an official visit to CBP facilities on July 1. She claimed that CBP officers sexually and physically threatened her and that illegal immigrant women were told to drink from toilet bowls.

However, many pointed out to AOC that like most U.S. prisons the CBP facilities have “potable water” in a fresh water basin above the toilet.

Let that sink in: Ocasio-Cortez has claimed that CBP officers physically and sexually threatened her. That’s a really serious allegation with no substantial evidence.

The Federalist reached out to CBP for a response. Here it is:

U.S. Border Patrol’s El Paso Sector facilitated a tour for members of Congress on July 1. This visit offered an open, frank and transparent discussion regarding our facilities and the challenges we face regarding the continuing humanitarian and border security crisis. They asked questions and heard directly from El Paso Sector leadership on how U.S. Border Patrol is managing the more than 650 percent increase in apprehensions in the sector. Representatives visited two locations (El Paso Station and Clint Station), where migrants in custody receive three meals a day and have access to clean drinking water.  Local leadership highlighted investments in additional restroom and shower facilities, hygiene products, increased medical support and expanded transportation capabilities.

Even with these investments, El Paso officials emphasized to members of Congress that USBP facilities were not designed for long-term holding. Officials also explained the critical challenges to USBP operations when ICE/ERO and HHS/ORR are unable to move those in custody as quickly as they are processed.

People are sick and tired of Ocasio-Cortez’s misinformation, so much so that the hashtag #AOCResign, is trending on Twitter. She is screaming about poor treatment in CBP facilities, yet she voted against the  bill that would have increased funding to CBP facilities to improve conditions at places that were not built to handle the influx of illegal border crossers caused by Congress’s refusal to end the possibility of asylum fraud. The irony.

Republicans have been running on an immigration platform that would secure borders, but also process immigrants that are seeking asylum faster. Leaving facilities in better condition and employing more judges in southern states: Sounds like a pretty awesome idea, right? Not for Democrats, who believe they profit from prolonging the border crisis because it could lead to millions more voters for their team.

As CBP mentioned above, U.S. border facilities are not built for long-term holding. Therefore, a bill that fundamentally reforms the immigration system to more quickly process asylum-seekers on the southern border would help with not only the current crisis but in case a future one occurs.

Democrats are holding the issue hostage by forcing law enforcement to release illegal immigrants into the interior of the United States or hold immigrants in tight, short-term holding facilities.

People see through this facade. This isn’t a hard conclusion to draw, and moderate Republican and Democrats alike understand the problems with letting unlimited numbers of unvetted foreigners into the U.S. interior.

Africans and Middle Easterners from terrorism hotbed countries are reportedly shipping themselves to Central America to get themselves smuggled into the United States. We have no idea who these people are. Just letting them in because Congress refuses to do its job is not a winning platform to run on for the more moderate Democratic base that is clearly being ignored.

As Ocasio-Cortez spreads pictures about these “grotesque” and “dehumanizing” conditions at the border, the American people are not stupid enough to fall for her misinformation about who is to blame for this situation. That’s why #AOCResign is trending.

Ocasio-Cortez has rarely been held accountable for the falsehoods she spreads. She’s backtracked tweets and had to talk herself out of a multitude of sticky situations.

Some of the most recent tweets on #AOCresign at the time of publication can be read here: