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Google Marks Pro-Life Film ‘Propaganda,’ But Labels Literal Nazi Propaganda Film ‘History’

Google search results label ‘Unplanned’ a propaganda film, but ‘Triumph of the Will’ a history/war movie.


A Google search for the new movie, “Unplanned” returned results labeling the film “Drama/Propaganda,” while other films that are actual propaganda material do not receive the same designation. “Unplanned” is the story of a Planned Parenthood director who became pro-life after witnessing an abortion.

Kelsey Bolar, a Daily Signal writer and Federalist contributor, captured a screenshot of the search result below on Thursday. By Friday, the label had been removed.

A Google search for the 1935 Nazi propaganda film, “The Triumph of the Will,” returns results labeling it “History/War.” The director Leni Riefenstahl was called up by Adolf Hitler himself, commissioning her to make a film of the annual rally of the Nazi party.

A spokesperson for Google told Fox News that the search engine’s “Knowledge Graph” created the label based on web content describing “Unplanned” as propaganda.

“When we’re made aware of disputed facts in our Knowledge Graph, we work to fix the issues, as we’ve done in this case,” the spokesperson said.

Given this logic, Google’s “Knowledge Graph” was also apparently unable to find enough web content to be able to determine whether “Triumph of the Will” is a history movie, or Nazi propaganda film.

H/T to Becket Adams.