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Josh Kraushaar On Congress, Health Care, And The Future For Both Parties

Josh Kraushaar, politics editor at National Journal, discusses what he sees happening in both the Republican and Democratic parties.


Josh Kraushaar joins Ben Domenech on the Federalist Radio Hour for a conversation on the future of the Republican party, health care, deal-making in the Senate, and changes in the Democratic party.

“Kicking things to Congress now effectively means nothing will happen,” Domenech said. “Which is basically what [Trump] just did with the Iran deal.”

When it comes to the Democratic candidates’ strategy in 2020, the most important question will be whether they feel the need to pander to the loud, identity politics wing of their party?

“I call it the Collin Kaepernick wing of the Democratic party. The issues that these voters care about are actually are even a minortiy within a lot of the Democratic party voters in a lot of states,” Kraushaar said.

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