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Live From Austin: Charles Cooke On Trust In Media, Tribalism, And Free Speech

The Federalist Radio Hour went to Austin to interview Charles Cooke at the Texas Tribune Festival on issues in politics, culture, and media.


The Federalist Radio Hour traveled to this year’s Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas, where we recorded this interview with Charles Cooke in front of a live audience. Cooke is the editor of National Review Online.

Domenech and Cooke discussed a range of topics including roller coasters, fractions of the Republican party, declining trust in media, free speech, and the country’s increased tribalism.

“The Republican Party and its focus on the constitution inevitably means you’re going to have a certain small “d”, anti-democratic strain,” Cooke said. “The founders themselves were quite skeptical of democracy…and that is why in large part the Republican Party in Washington is a little out of step with the rest of the country.”

Listen to the full hour here: