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David Fahrenthold On Covering Hurricanes, Charities, And Foundations

Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold shares his experience covering Donald Trump’s charitable giving in 2016 on this episode of Federalist Radio.


David Fahrenthold, reporter at the Washington Post, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss his coverage of the recent hurricanes, Donald Trump’s charitable giving, and how journalists cover waste, fraud, and abuse.

“Whenever [Trump] could, he would have somebody else foot the bill and he would get the credit for the philanthropy,” Fahrenthold said. “He did actually give that million dollars to veterans that Lewandowski promised but not until we had pointed out that he hadn’t.”

Later in the hour, they discuss the Clinton Foundation and other ways money and politics intersect. “If your selling access to somebody who is a future president or current secretary of state, or if there’s an implication that you are, that matters.” he said.

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