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Podcast: Jeffrey Lord On Losing His Job At CNN And Media Bubbles

Political commentator, Jeffrey Lord, describes what it was like as the lone Trump defender on CNN’s 8-person panels on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Jeffrey Lord is a veteran of the Reagan White House and writer at the American Spectator and Conservative Review. Lord sits down with Ben Domenech on Federalist Radio to discuss how he lost his job at CNN, the state of political media, and the conflicts within in the Trump administration.

“[CNN] operates in a liberal bubble and their assumptions are all based upon conversations with people who are all in that bubble,” Lord said. “This is why, in essence, I was able to see Trump coming, because I no longer lived inside the beltway, the bubble.”

Later in the hour, they discuss the President’s advisors, the Jared and Ivanka White House wars, and the different factions of Trump critics.

Listen here: