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Podcast: Problematic Confederate Monuments And Previewing Fall SCOTUS Cases

Kevin Daley of The Daily Caller News Foundation looks into race, politics, and religious liberty issues from the perspective of the Court on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Kevin Daley, Supreme Court reporter at the Daily Caller News Foundation, joins staff writer Bre Payton on Federalist Radio to discuss the movement to destroy all problematic statues, this fall’s upcoming court cases, and why Justice Breyer is the most hip Supreme Court Justice.

The list of Confederate statues that are to be removed, destroyed, protested or have already been defaced continues to grow. Now some are questioning the placement of Roger Taney, the Supreme Justice behind the Dred Scott case, in the Court’s Hall of Justice.

“I’ve seen really shocking public opinion polls that have indicated most Americans don’t think the way I do,” Daley said. “This seems to underscore all the more the importance of having some kind of democratic procedure for deciding what to do the statues.”

Listen here: